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Effect Of Driver Fatigue Influence By Road Condition

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Each person will feel tired and everyone can affected by fatigue. Fact, researchers difficult to define the term of fatigue because of multidimensional construct. (May andBaldwin, 2009).In the heavy vehicle industry, there are estimation made that fatigue ia a factor in up to 30% of fatal crashes and 15% of serious injury crashes. Even, it also contributes to approximately 25% of insurance losses(, fatigue is defined subjectively by self-reporting and defined objectivelyby degraded performance. (Belenky, et al., 2012). There are several terms that attributed with various meanings that is as local physical fatigue (e.g. in a skeletal or ocular muscle), physical fatigue (e.g. following heavy manual labour and protracted physical labour) or “central nervous” fatigue (sleepiness) as well as neurobiological (biologically determined sleep-awake rhythms). In addition, it also has a mental/psychological meaning: not having the energy to do things, and a subjectively experienced reluctance to continue with a task (Davidseet al., 2012). Sleepiness is a particularly important form of fatigue related to the level of brain stimulation and the structures that regulate it. (Brussels, 2001) .Furthermore, fatigue, sleepiness and drowsiness are often used synonymously. Fatigue and sleep are contributing factors in thousands of crashes, injuries and fatalities annually (May and Baldwin, 2009). Based on the report by McKernon, 2009 mention that driving for a long time will arising from fatigue with the hipothesis that the longer the driver continues, the morefatigued he/she becomes.Fatigue related to the time of day and circadian rhythms, which predispose drivers to sleepinessbetween 3 am and 5 am and 3 pm and 5 pm. Fatigue arising from sleep debt, where a person has been deprived of sleep within the 24 hoursprior...

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