Effect Of Exercise On Breathing Rate 11th Grade Lab Report

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AIM- To find out the effect of exercise (jogging) on breathing rate
RAW DATA- The data below was collected from four individuals belonging to the same age group, after 0 minutes, 2 minutes, 4 minutes and 6 minutes of jogging after regular intervals. The columns represent the trial numbers, and minutes of exercise done by the individuals. The rows represent the number of breaths per minute (breathing rate), of the individuals, within the duration of one minute after each exercise.
Trial 1
Trial 2
Trial 3
Trial 4
? 0 Minutes of exercise (Resting phase)- = 19 Breaths/minute
? 2 Minutes of exercise- = 27.75 Breaths/minute
? 4 Minutes of exercise- = 35.25 Breaths/minute
? 6 Minutes of exercise- = 43.25 Breaths per minute
? 0 Minutes of exercise
22- 19 = 3^2= 9
18- 19 = -1^2= 1
16- 19 = -3^2= 9
20- 19 = 1^2= 1
? (9+1+9+1)/4 = 5
? 2 Minutes of exercise
30- 27.75 = 2.25^2= 5.0625
28- 27.75 = 0.25^2= 0.0625
27- 27.75 = -0.75^2= 0.5625
26- 27.75 = -1.75^2= 3.0625
? (5.0625+0.0625+0.5625+3.0625)/4 = 2.1875~ 2.2
? 4 Minutes of exercise
34- 35.25 =...

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