Effect Of Gravity On Human Fetus

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The Effects of Gravity on a Developing FetusThe planet earth has provided the perfect haven for all the organisms that inhabit it. Through evolution every living thing we know of and all that are unknown have prospered. Each species has developed its own unique way of adapting to planet earth. Though not only did they adapt to survive but to survive better. There have been many reasons for why organisms have evolved. One variable that has remained constant in evolution has been gravity. From the beginning of time gravity has remained the same. This means that every organism that has been created on earth has been succumbed to the effects of gravity. From birth and development to deterioration and death, gravity is taken into effect every step of the way. Therefore we humans are also developed under gravity. The absence of gravity could perhaps be fatal. Though as adults, humans and other organisms can experience zero-G with a less than lethal outcome.As we explore our universe, we humans begin to drift away for planet earth and our curiosity leads us into the depths of outer space. Not only does the vastness of space intrigue us among other things, but also so does its weightlessness. A life without gravity seems like interesting and exciting thought. However there are more than weightless worries. Gravity is a force that pulls together all matter (which is anything you can physically touch). The more matter, the more gravity, so things that have a lot of matter such as planets and moons and stars pull more strongly (northwestern). It not only affects you and the environment around you but also ones internal organs and their functions. Gravity is essential to human functioning, without it the weightlessness destroys muscle and deteriorates bone and vascular density. In other words bones become weak and veins and arteries become thinner and more susceptible to injury. This happens because the body feels it does not need to make extra resource since it is not using it for anything.In order to stay fit and healthy, astronauts must work constantly to keep their bodies strong. Though gravity can be simulated with machines, it is very expensive and hard to do. They do not have this technology on a large enough scale. For life in space to be physically safe, gravity needs to be synthetically applied or dealt without. If gravity is not a possibility than humans must be strapped to work out machines daily. It is not such a difficult task for a full grown adult to work out on a daily basis. They would need to in order to maintain a healthy homeostasis. However for a developing fetus there is no substitute for the lack of gravity.Humans have been engineered to function based on earths gravity, therefore when a fetus is developing it is being predisposed for a life on earth automatically. When a human child is born it begins its life fragile and helpless but it's strong enough to survive in earths gravity because of the way humans have evolved. The fetus of...

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