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Effect Of Inoculants And Fertilizer Treatments On Average K Uptake Per Kilogram Of Dry Matter Of Seeds

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Nitrogen Fixation Ability on Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) cultivars with Some types of Inoculants which contain different strains of Rhizobium leguminosarum; bv. phaseoli was evaluated in an experimental design. In this investigation three types of biological fertilizers such as Rb117, Rb123, Rb136 and a commercial inoculants (Rhizobean super plus) with two treatment N100 (use of 100 Kg nitrogen/ha) and control (without seeds inoculated and fertilizer) and three bean cultivars: COS16 (spotted bean), Derakhshan and Akhtar (red beans) used as factorial experiment in randomized complete block design in 2006 and 2007 in Zanjan province(Khoramdareh Region). Combined Analysis preformed with SAS9.2 of statistical program and graphs were provided by Excel and Σplot programs and means comparison were done with Duncan,s Multiple Range Test. Rb117 strain was showed an 59 percent increasing in seed yield compared with non-inoculants treatment. Among of inoculants the effect of Rb123 strain, was at least (32%) in compared with others. The results showed that significant difference in seed yield, nitrogen percent per plant, seed protein percentage, number and weight of nodules (50 day after emergence),seed and dry matter yield were observed among seed inoculated and non-inoculated. Most protein percent were achieved from 100 kg nitrogen, and Rb117 treatment (About 24%) and highest protein yield (864 kg/ha) was gained from Rb117 and lowest protein yield was produced from control. Among of all inoculants (or strains of Rhizobium leguminosarum;bv.phaseoli) The Rb117 strain has more effectiveness on common bean, as compared with other strains. In three cultivars the COS16 line was successful in compared with other cultivars. High seed yield and many evaluated traits achieved from COS16 line (spotted bean), second year of experiment and Rb117 strain. This investigation showed that to achievement for satisfying yield and sustainable agriculture, all of industrial bio fertilizers must be used as complementary materials with mineral fertilizers.

Keywords: Common bean, Biological Nitrogen Fixation, Seed yield, Rhizobium leguminosarum;bv.phaseoli.


One of the most important ways of taking the advantages of microorganism interactions and to maintain the diversity of agricultural ecosystems, is using of terrestrial microorganisms. Now the rhizosphers bacteria are using for biological fertilizers in many countries. Some researchers believe that nitrogen fixation is a hereditary trait and common bean varieties are genetically different in biological nitrogen fixation (Bliss and Miller., 1986, Graham and Rosas., 1997, Barron et al., 2000).
Nitrate Reductase enzyme always is active in the cell, even when the nitrate is not received by plants, but for increasing the activity of Nitrate reductase enzyme, it is required that the plant be exposed to nitrate (Taghavi, 2004., Nakamura et al., 1993). Yahya Abadi (2008) evaluated the potential of some...

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