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This paper analyses the impact IT has had on business and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of IT for business today. Today the technology is so advanced, information technology is nearly applied in any filed. Next I will describe it from application of IT in business and application of IT on education. And I will introduce IT simply and concretely introduce IT on education. Although IT makes it convenient to run the business, it also has both advantages and disadvantages.

First I simply list the definition of IT and explain what IT is. The full name of IT is information technology. We always to use the term IT to refer to an entire industry and actually, it is the use of computers and software to manage information.[online]Available at:[ accessed 24,11,2010] In broadest sense, information technology consists of both the hardware and software which are used to store, retrieve and manipulate information.

Advanced information technology is applied in lots of areas. Like in production, computers, education, companies and so on. In my opinion, computer technology has great applications in almost all kinds of businesses. Nearly all kinds of business rely on IT for automating the information systems, information sharing platforms, data sharing network, internet, intranet, machines, and equipment and so on which are dependence on computers. Its application is not only in the field of finance or marketing, but also it is used by the medical industry, human resource department, systems and so on. And compared to traditional way of doing things, information technology helps to fulfill the business task in less time. In decision making process, some companies are used to use data warehouses, data techniques, decision support systems to aid.

There are many advantages of IT on business. Information technology plays a important role on the business sector as a management tool to optimize the processing of information to produce goods and services to get more profit. [online] Availiable at:[ Accessed 24,11,2010] We can understand the good aspects which IT takes from six parts; they are globalization, process improvement, cost reduction, quality assurance, communication and competitive intelligence. In next sections, I will state the advantages of IT on business from the general meaning.

The first strong point of IT on business is globalization. IT not only makes the world closer, but also together, but also has helped the world’s economy become a single interdependent system. In simple words, we could not only share information more quickly and efficiently, but we also should not be worried about the geographic boundaries and barriers of linguistic. We could talk with foreigners, not just the local in time. We could run our trade easier with the whole world and learn from...

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