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Effect Of Moving On Autistic Children

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Children with autism have extreme difficulty with change. The basis of struggles for most autistic children are any deviations from their original plan and any stress put on them (Autism Speaks Inc.). When families relocate, either by choice or necessity, autistic children really struggle.
Facts show that people with autism have some sort of abnormality in their brain (Autism Speaks Inc.). Many researchers believe that the wiring of their brains are off, causing miscommunication between cells (Organization for Autism Reasearch). This causes social awkwardness and strange behaviors. Many scientists have found that autistic children have too many nerve fibers. Even with the extra fibers, ...view middle of the document...

They often have trouble communicating or expressing their feelings to people. They can be unresponsive, stare into space for long periods of time or be socially awkward (Reade). Others may find these behaviors strange. They may be afraid or put off by such behaviors and may avoid these children. (Organization for Autism Reasearch). This makes meeting new friends and starting a new school hard, something needed when one moves.
The stress on both the children and parents is hard. Most parents, friends, and caregivers of autistic children are left guessing what’s wrong with the child because they could cry when they are hungry, sad, mad, thirsty or even sick. They express a variety of emotions with tears since they don’t know of other ways to express feelings (Autism Speaks Inc.). Since the caregiver or new people they meet may not be able to figure out what’s wrong, and the child has no other way of expressing their feelings, leaving both sides unhappy (Organization for Autism Reasearch; Reade). It is already stressful being the parent of an autistic child, with the stress of moving on top of that parents are going through a lot. When the parents are stressed out it...

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