Impact Of People Management On Organizational Performance

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1.IntroductionThe precision, with which people are managed, developed, motivated and involved truly impacts business performance maybe even more that competitive strategy, quality, research and development. The assignment makes a sincere effort on attempting to analyze the link between the two and present evidence to support the for and the against of this proposal. It is imperative for an understanding of people management as a source of competitive advantage for which one must realize employees as resources that cannot be duplicated, imitated with procurements or alternates that makes them unique. The study has recognized the limited available research employed in demonstrating the causal links between people management and organization performance. There is a lack of comparable analysis to the elements of management activity and the gauging of the contribution it makes to organization performance.The assignment presents HRM practices that make a difference to the employee in encouraging involvement and performance. It further explores the view of McKenna & Beech's Human Resource Management A Concise Analysis presenting an agreement of researchers on the make up of the effective bundle of HR practices which returning to our proposal implies why HR practices are expected to make a significant impact on an organizations success. The attempt seeks to present evidence linking effective people management and organization performance from learning's derived from documented researches and books by various authors and researchers. The assignment purposefully includes a research by Hewitt Consultants Asia Pacific which seeks to identify the causal link between employee engagement and organization performance because it was interesting and had an insightful analysis that could succinctly capture the essence which was to be presented. A model presented in the assignment developed by Accenture identifies a framework to measure the impact of HR practices on an organizations performance which in most researches was found to be wanting. An evaluation binds the arguments against the proposal and that which presents areas found not to depend on people management as a management of essential resource. It presents deskilling of jobs as central focus to oppose people as key resources of the organization.2. People Management As A Source Of Competitive Advantage:The world's leading organizations are today focused on the success of their people. Change is the only constant in the business arena and is one of the most important reasons to drive fundamental transformation in organizations. Globalization and hyper-competition is having a deep impact on the ability of organizations achieve and sustain long term objectives. Most competitive edges last for shorter periods of time as technology develops and more companies get faster at responding to change. Duplicating products, services or processes are commonalities. What then makes some businesses more successful...

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