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Effect Of Schistosomiasis On Children In Nigeria

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Through the Resolution 64/292 the United Nations General Assembly recognized the human right for the clean water; the resolution states “The human right to water is indispensable for leading a life in human dignity. It is a prerequisite for the realization of other human rights" (Resolution A/RES/64/292, 2010). It means the clean water is necessary for the people, but not all humans have access to it there for they suffer from the serious health problems. One of the diseases caused by the dirty water is schistosomiasis that is endemic in many African countries. In Nigeria more than half of children between ages one to six are infected by schistosomiasis due to the contaminated fresh water and this disease that is affecting millions of people can be cured just by the provision of the clean water.
People get infected when they have a contact with water which is inhabited by specific snails which carry the worms; the eggs of the worms/parasites infect the fresh water. Just by swimming, drinking, washing something in the polluted water results in schistosomiasis. “Schistosomiasis affects almost 240 million people worldwide, and more than 700 million people live in endemic areas”, the number of effected people is huge and even more people are put at risk of catching the deadly diseases. Schistosomiasis is the illness of poverty because only poor people are unable to afford or just simply do not have an access to the pure drinkable water. Nigeria, for example, is the country with a lot of rivers and is surrounded by the large body of water. The communities that live next to rivers and waters have higher rates of people infected by the schistosomiasis. The research showed that pre-school children in Abeokuta area are effected as well, “Of the 167 children examined 97 (58.1%) had infection, with no significant difference in infection rates between boys (57.1%) and girls (59.2%). Both prevalence and intensity of infection did not increase significantly with age”...

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