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Effect Of Social Class On Chrildren Eng 24 Essay

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Professor: Jane Weiss
English 93 section 9A
Effect of social classes on education
Does social class affect the quality of education provided in the United States of America? It’s no surprise that schools in wealthy communities are better than those in poor communities, and that they better prepare their students and it does affect how the education is decoded by the child, so in a way social class has a big influence on children’s future. Now social class itself is something really complicated because it’s a set of relationships to one’s own productivity ,ones capital and relation between people , most people think it’s based on what type of job you have or how much you make but it’s a lot more than that , To determine ones social class these three aspects have to be taken into consideration .Firstly its ones relation to physical capital , secondly ones relation between people , how much control and authority he has at work and in society and lastly one’s relation to his productivity .
The schools are characterized in to different social classes by which type of teaching style they use. There are 4 types of different school lessons: working class, middle class, affluent professional and executive elite. I completed my education, up to high school in Pakistan and my elementary school was a pretty nice school and it was expensive as well and it served as an affluent population because most of the parents were above middle class, but the schools teaching style was a working class school, as we were given specific steps and we had no decision making and were not told why the work is being assigned and how it may connect to the other subjects. We took books to school every day and hardly ever used them, because the teacher often used her own questions. The work was checked on the steps first and then checked if it was right or wrong. According to jean anyone, children in these types of schools are not learning to be obedient but rather they are developing skills of resistance.
Growing up u come to realize that most of the things you used to hate and disliked are now a big part of your life and maybe you shouldn’t have dismissed those lessons you found boring but hey! Don’t we all wish we could turn back time but the clocks wait for no one. As my school was a working class school so now I realize the importance of some of the lessons and rules and regulation, as going to work every day these lessons make sense. If I was turned back into a 11 year old that would be pretty awesome and after reading about different types of teaching styles in the journal by Jean Anyon I would love to go back to an affluent professional teachings style school because when I was really 11 I had a tough time following step by...

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