Effect Of Social Media On Adolescents’ Everyday Life Challenge And Change In Society Research Paper

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Social Media’s Effect on Adolescent’s Everyday Life
Effect of Social Media on Adolescents’ Everyday Life
Mr. Kevin Broughton
Arman Aryanpour
Bayview Secondary School
December 19, 2017
Social Media: your friend or foe?
Over the last few years,it is evident that the use of social media platforms and networking sites such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter have been significantly increasing. Since the adolescents in today’s society are the heaviest users of social media networking,the impacts and effects of it becomes significantly important . Furthermore, due to the fact that this particular group of children are emotionally vulnerable as an effect of factors regarding growth and development, social media could potentially have noticeable impacts on them. While social media plays a huge role in connecting people from all over the world and broadening social connections, its dangers can not be disregarded. Social media platforms are building the structure and mindset of our society. This research paper will allude to the impacts of social media and its influence on the youth.Moreover, the fundamental goal of this report is to determine the dependability of adolescents on social media and the possible negative effects on their everyday life using a primary survey-based research as well as additional secondary research. In particular, this report is going to focus on the effect that social media has on social life, and the mental and physical well-being of an individual. With the use of technology, a Google Form was a created with a variety of questions for the students of Bayview Secondary School, who fall between the grades 9 to 12. The questionnaire was shared among the students through social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat as well as the school community group on Facebook. The survey questions aimed to cause the individual to think, and reflect deeply on where social media stands in their life, and how much it is affecting them . After All, the outcomes reflect the expectations of the postulation and, as it was assumed, social media does in fact affect adolescents’ lives and negatively.
How important has social media become ?
As a new trend starts to rise in a society, the researchers begin to research and determine the benefits and drawbacks of this new trend. The expansion of this world of technology has brought the attention to Psychologists, Sociologists, and Anthropologists all around the world. Furthermore, social media has become a social norm and people who are not a part of it seem not to belong to the society and as a result, get left out. However, individuals, more specifically adolescents, seem to drown into the fun aspects of this web and forget about its side effects. In this report, the data derived from the survey will be analyzed and researched further to prove the stated fact. For better understanding, the questionnaire starts with a set of generalized questions such as the age, gender and the list of...

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