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Impact Of Technology On Music Essay

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Impact of Technology on Music

The introduction to the internet in the early nineties and the creation of broadband, MP3, and the file sharing network known as “peer to peer” has completely revolutionised the music industry. A large percentage of music is today downloaded over the internet, and not bought over the counter in a record store. This essay will address the impact of new technology on music, and how music is distributed. To do this, the paper will first briefly explain the history of the digital revolution. Then it will contrast the problems and the possibilities this technology has created.

Over the years, the development of new technology has caused significant changes to the world we are living in. These technological advancements affect us to different degrees and in different ways. In recent years, the development of new technology has caused significant changes to the music industry. For three quarters of a century, records were made by a process now known as analogue recording. This process was replaced by digital recording in 1976. The initial advantage of digital recording was that it offered a more accurate way to reproduce sound. A few years later, in 1983, the compact disc was invented and it was now possible to store digital sound on a digital medium. This was widely thought of as the completion of the digital revolution (Teachout, 2002).
The birth of the CD wasn’t the end of the digital revolution. There were bigger and more important innovations in the horizon. The evolution of the internet was on its way, and the possibilities of this medium were almost unlimited (Sutherland, 2004). The development of the internet, broadband, MP3, and then the different ways to share music with each other created a whole new music world out there. These technological enhancements permanently changed the music industry, and it created panic in record companies all over the world (Sherman, 2000).

Broadband cable modems are able to give high-speed Internet access to ordinary computer users. The invention of MP3, the popular "data-reduction" software, allowed people to compresses sound recordings into data files small enough to be stored on the hard drive of a personal computer, sent via e-mail, or downloaded from websites. Such files can also be downloaded from "peer-to-peer" file-sharing sites, the best known sites are sites like Kazaa, Ares, and WinMx. These sites are web-based clearing houses that allow their users to make MP3 files available for free to all other users. In addition, many record labels have launched or are launching online delivery systems from which their recordings can be downloaded for a fee (Teachout, 2002).

Millions of people now download music for free and burn the songs onto blank discs. This is illegal but available and at present because of the mass numbers of people doing it, and it’s having a very real and harmful impact on countless musicians, songwriters, and performers. Today, more that 2.6...

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