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Effect Of Technology On Students Essay

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The film “Digital Nation” explored defining space in the new digital world. It talked about the virtual world, pros and cons of technology for different groups like gamers, students, families, teachers, administrators, children, military and businesses further the experience of common people. In the movie, Pro Sherry Turkle said, “Technology challenges us to assert our human values. Technology is not good or bad, it powerful and is complicated which means first we have to figure out what they are”. The technology has been taking over today’s world; wherever you go you will find it. Over the past years, the social media has imparted worldwide; from Facebook to Instagram. There is always something new, more advanced and innovative. Overall, the technology has now has changed the way humans interact with each other. In the film technology is affecting students by hooking them to do their assignments, saving time and teaching communication skills.
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I agree with Jason Livey said. “If you think about media… than an average American teenagers lives in , to walk into classroom that doesn't have media must be like walking into dessert” because we are so used it that we feel like we cannot live without.
Moreover, the technology saves our efficient time by allowing us to narrow the search compared to books. As in the movie a student used Spark notes to read Romeo and Juliet because it takes five minutes to read summary of one Act I online comparison to book and saves valuable time. Whenever, in my English class assigned book, scenes or chapter to read, I always use Spark notes or other valid findings which saved me lot of time. It is not that I don’t like to read; I have other classes that have homework to do. First time when I read many Shakespeare's play like Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Macbeth and Odyssey I didn’t completely understand but when I saw the video, it gave much better understanding than reading so visual builds stronger comprehensive skills. In economics, my teacher used to post an article which students have to answer the given question or your opinion on the article every week that helped me improved my communication skills. Addition to that, sites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and Instagram glued people together to interact each other from anywhere in the world. Similarly, I talked my cousin almost every day on app called WhatsApp, If I did not have that kind of device then I wouldn’t be able to chat with them
Nowadays, most of people use technology much more than they would imagine and with technology we have gained things. Anything bad that has come from technology was caused by humans. Like Mark Prensky said, “ There were people who complained when we move from horses to car, there were people who complained when we move from letter to telephone and is not that they are wrong totally because thing get lost. You might have less memory and we do not have flowery writings but we have gained other things”. Basically the positive effects outweigh the negative; the skills would be needed in future that teenagers need to learn now.

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