Impact Of The Internet On Advertising

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As we seek knowledge on the internet, the internet in return seeks knowledge of us and what we think and want. New ways of collecting information on the habits of consumers has turned internet advertising into a more powerful tool then marketers have ever seen before. As more and more people are turning away from the TV and toward the digital world, they are finding themselves unknowingly in the middle of a statistical battle for their attention and money. New data retrieval techniques are being employed by social networking sites, search engines and online marketers without our knowledge. In our new digital world it is now “cool” to follow the products we like, and advertising is taking full advantage of these rising trends. As the average computer user seeks out information, publishers take notes, then try to influence our own habits and their product perception. It may seem like an invasion of our privacy, but this is the new world of advertising, custom tailored to each potential buyer.

In our modern culture there is no way to ignore the internet and the advertising that goes along with using the net. We are always being told of the latest and newest device which will help our lives become easier and more convenient. People are being taken out of their comfort zones with loud chaotic adds which seek to improve our lives in some form or another. It's true that media seems to always be on the cusp of another great improvement, breaking the confines of yet another barrier or giving us a new invention (Vaz, Nigel, 2014). We can ignore these persuasive attempts for our attention only for so long before we are forced to ask our selves whats important and what should we file under “junk”. As our lives become digital, products seek to converge themselves into our routines making for a unique experience. Through the use of “content marketing”, online advertising has become a tool that listens and responds to each consumer (Yuan, Abidin, Sloan, Wang, 2012). Internet users leave so much information behind to be collected that many companies can predict what the consumer will want before production even begins. From TV shows to new product releases our “digital exhaust” will be carefully calculated into the mix.

Advertisers should exercise some caution when deciding where and how to display their message, as the modern internet consumer has been shown to be easily annoyed. (McCoy, Everard, Polak, 2007) Studies have shown that the average consumer does not like to be disrupted during the information seeking phase of a search. A disruption to this process can result in a lack of product knowledge or lack of information retention. The more a person becomes disrupted with unrelated information, the more likely the product perception can be altered. Product perception and brand trust have a huge impact on whether a person will ever return to a site again. Marketers who misjudge their audience by even a little bit risk losing...

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