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Effect Of Music In Adolescent Development

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It has been known for some time that music plays a vital role in the lives of people, especially in the lives of adolescents. Music has been found to not only serves as entertainment but also serves to help regulate one’s emotions and help form a sense of identity. The need for emotional regulation and the formation of identity is at peaks in adolescence; a period in which a large part of one’s life is dedicated to music. Various studies have shown that due to music’s role in adolescents is important for it helps with an adolescent’s autonomy development which then can lead to an increase in the adolescent’s happiness. What a group of researchers at Ottawa University have been researching has been the relationship between music and global happiness.
Aware that music helps boost happiness, researchers at Ottawa University looked to find if there is a connection between listening to music and an adolescent’s global happiness. Global happiness, also known as subjective well-being (SWB), is an evaluation of one’s quality of life. The areas taken into account in global happiness may consist of an individual’s evaluation of their personal, subjective, and global quality of life. An individual’s evaluation of their subjective well-being can be altered by their personality, financial stability and psychosocial prosperity. When taking into consideration the effects that music has on the lives adolescents, there exists the possibility that music also affects their overall global happiness. To test the relationship between music and global scientist of Ottawa University researches conduct a study on a group of undergraduate students who were attending a Canadian university.
After selecting students and narrowing down the participants, researchers had a total of 229 undergraduate students participating in the study. The group of students consisted of late adolescents between the ages of 17-21 years. The group was diverse with about 61% identifying themselves as White, 6.6% as Black, 15.7% as Asian, 2.6% as Asian, 0.4% as Aboriginal and 13.1% as another ethnicity. Of the participating group about 79% of the students were first-years with only three of the participants being enrolled in music related programs. After gathering the participants researchers tested the participants with tests that would help understand: self-determined music listening, positive and negative affects, and life satisfaction in the participants. In the first test participants were tested on a scale of a 12- item scale of self-determined music listening based on the four item index of self-concordance.
The purpose of the first test given to the participants was to help researchers understand the motivation to listen to music in the participants. The 12-item scaled of self-determined music listening tested in four categories: intrinsic, identified, extrinsic and introjected. Each category contained three questions of which the total of the categories was taken to find how much...

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