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Effect Of Peer Pressure Essay

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Effects of Peer Pressure
There was a man named Troy who lived in Oklahoma. Troy grew up in a Christian home and was considered to have a great testimony with his community and local church. He worked at a factory about fifteen miles out of his home. Well one day after work, Troy’s buddies decided to take him out to get a couple of drinks. Troy was a struggling alcoholic, the reason why he was so respected is because everyone thought he beat alcoholism. After a night of laughter and drinking Troy was left to drive by himself to his house. On the way home he passed out and ran right into oncoming traffic, yet he was not hit by another car. Troy hit a tree but on the passenger side of his car. He was unharmed and very grateful that he didn’t hurt anyone or himself. The biggest influence in our lives are the people that surround us. So like Troy a lot of people are apt to give in to peer pressure that involves their struggles. Peer pressure either has a negative effect or a positive effect, but peer pressure should not affect the Christian in spiritual matters.
To start off, negative peer pressure can be really harmful to a person. Negative peer pressure is when people who are considered as friends attempt to pressure or as far as bully someone into doing something that will either hurt them, put them in a bad situation, or hurt someone else. Taking Troy as an example, when his friends pressured him into doing something he struggled with it left him in a situation where he could of hurt someone or himself. Sometimes peer pressure though can be done in an effective manner for the right reasons.
Positive peer pressure can be really helpful to a person who lacks the motivation to do something that they need to get done or doing something that will benefit the person being pressured. When a person surrounds themselves with people they...

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