Effectie Leadership Essay

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Improvement of Leadership
Employees need to feel that they can trust and rely on their managers to lead them. According to Clark (2013), “Organizational climate is directly related to the leadership and management style of the leader, based on values, attributes, skills, and actions as well as the priorities of the leader” (p. 9). The environment that has been created at my workplace is fraught with intimidation, dissension, and exasperation. Because of my manager’s poor leadership, I am on a daily quest to simply survive. Work is no longer a place where I accomplish goals, thrive, and push myself to succeed at a higher level. My experiences with negative leadership include poor communication, indifference, and distrust.
Personal Experience
Poor Communication
Poor communication is one of the root causes for anguish that I have felt over past two years. A very simple issue was raised over a grey area of my company’s vacation policy because it was not originally communicated properly. This issue could have been easily resolved with effective communication. Instead, however, not all members of my team were included and there was no documentation of clarifying communication for future reference. Open, honest communication is necessary for all members of a team in order to excel (Colorado State University-Global Campus, 2013). Because of the lack of clarity, additional examples of the same issue ensued.
After realizing that my workload and work environment were pushing me to a breaking point, I requested a meeting with my manager to outline my burdens. One specific problem was that I was being bullied by a coworker. After a week with no evident changes, I followed up on the progress. The list had been misplaced, so there was no progress and I provided the list once again. Each week for two and a half months I followed up my list. To date, no progress has been made and as a consequence, I have suffered in many ways. Duffy, Gangster, & Pagon state in the article Social Undermining in the Workplace, “Numerous studies document that targets of bullying experience physical symptoms, such as fatigue, sleep difficulties, clammy hands, dry mouth, headaches and concentration deficiencies” (as cited in McKay, Ciocirlan & Chung, 2010, p.75).
I have witnessed my manager misrepresenting data to his superiors, omitted specific pieces of information when communicating to my coworkers, and has lied directly to me in an effort to avoid conflict with a known office bully. I have realized through his actions, and inactions that he cannot be trusted. I recognize that he is not advocating for my advancement and will never aid in my progression.
Analysis of the Behavior
The behaviors that my manager displays are ineffective, counterproductive, and unacceptable. Communication is one of the most important pieces of being and effective leader. “Take responsibility and say what needs to be said, with care and respect”...