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Here are some effective marketing strategies that will help boost your restaurant, and keep it from falling through the cracks. First you should be prepared to work long hours and be paid minimum wage and stay up long nights, also do not be expecting your restaurant to open a be successful right away. Before you even start your business you should have your business plan stating what you are doing and why are you doing it, if you do not have a strong reason on why you are opening a business how will you get people to join your cause, and if no one follows your cause then how do you expect to become a successful business. Another question you should ask yourself is who should be your customers and what do they want from you do they want from you like what do they want? Do they want to help your business or do they hurt you business, are they loyal consumers these are some of the questions you should be asking yourself. The final thing to think about is your competitor and whether or not that you can beat them in the business.
When starting a restaurant people need to have a good plan, they shouldn't go in thinking that they're just gonna become a millionaire right off that bat, there going to have to work hard for a long time. “There is a fine line between too little and too much detail in a business plan”(Virginia Cooperative Extension Pubs.ext.vt.edu/) Now in their plan they should have where there are going to build their restaurant, the amount of workers and their wage. They should also keep in mind taxes like state, local, income, and self-employment. They should also be thinking about what to put as the price for your goods, because people do not want to be paying to get that product if its not selling, so you should set a high price for it and lower the price down if its not selling to well. So if they want to do well they should have their prices be lower or the same as their competitors.“Look forward, not back: It’s easy to beat yourself up about decisions gone wrong, strategies that didn’t work, or employees who cost more than they made.”(Small Business Office Oamp.od.nih.gov/)
They should be financially prepared because it can hurt their relationship with family members and hurt their credit with banks. If they use their family to help them financially, than they should let them have some control in the choice for the restaurant. If they use bank loans for financial help then they need to make sure they have good credit, make sure they can pay back the money. If they can't then they should probably stop because they would probably end up bankrupt or owing a lot of money. Competition won't be helping them either because they want to do good too.
When they enter the marketing business they will have competitors that will try to beat their restaurant, by having more customers. Theres no real way to deal with this other than talking to customers and having them spread the word, or they could spread the word themselves by promoting...

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