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Advertisement, as to be broadly defined, is said to be an announcement via public medium promoting products, services or events or even publicizing job vacancy. It is to promote a certain product and services in public through the use of different advertising campaign such as TV, radio, banner and flyers.
“Advertising is one of the most important communication tools since it includes all the principles of design in action on one comparatively small area.” (Gokce Cuhadar, 2009). Through the medium of advertising, it is the best chance of an entrepreneur to sell their very own name and product in the market. Through this is the way by which the entrepreneurial abilities may vary from how ...view middle of the document...

Another thing that we all need to know, not just for advertising agencies out there or every company, but everybody ,including us, the students and normal people is the importance of an advertisement. We all might know that not all advertisements are recognized. Some achieved its goal-to be able to sell in the market, some of them just drop that easy.
As to what Sullivan, L. (2008) stated “Good advertising builds sales, but great advertising builds factories,” this statement by Sullivan only concluded that to have factories are a lot better than to have sales, but why is that a lot of business entity still do take a risk on promoting an advertising campaign? What is in an advertisement that has happened to be that a lot of business line happens to be great competitors with one another? What really is its importance that benefits not only the producers but also consumers?
The goal of business is to get people to buy a product or services. Advertising is the means to get product information to a wide variety of potential customers. It also serves the purpose of convincing those customers that they need that particular product or service. According J.Ward, “Advertising is a craft executed by people who aspire to be artists, but is accessed by those who aspire to be scientist.” In this of his opinion, advertisements are supposed to be created not only just artistically but also supposedly to give an idea to reality of life and that it should also consist of something which has to know by people but were not purposely known because of some other things that are just used to know.
Advertising is considered to be a mature industry and for most companies nowadays, it is already a business necessity.
The first to be discussed is the advertising media. Advertising media selection was said to be the process of choosing the most effective media for advertising. Knowing the advertising media and different types under it which are to discuss in the latter part of this paper, there is a great assurance that different strategies will be adopted in these different types of media. There were two advertising media performances that was given by Oligivly (2006) and they are namely frequency and spread. In frequency, it is insufficient for a target audience to have an opportunity to see the advertisement unlike in a traditional media that there are five opportunities to that would give reasonable impact. The other one is the spread. More sophisticated media planners look at the 'spread' of frequencies. Audience should receive the average number of opportunities to see. Those who receive fewer are insufficiently motivated and extra advertising is wasted on those who receive more though this idea is hard to achieve. Frequency was said to be complicated by the fact that this is a function of time and that this concentrates expenditure into a number of intense periods of advertising, spread throughout the year, causes brands not to remain uncovered for long periods.

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