Effective Approaches Of Leadership And Management

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Having effective leadership and management is essential for any health care facility to operate. Both leadership and management are an essential part to delivering quality healthcare to the patients that they serve. The foundation to any facility is nursing which must be led by the best leadership and management available for its continued success. This is the key to helping that facility to achieve a high level of patient and employee satisfaction. Having adequate staffing for any facility is an issue that many facilities face due to the shortage of nurses. This paper will compare and contrast nurse leaders and managers thoughts with the use of contract employees to assist with the shortage ...view middle of the document...

Agency staff will also be helpful when covering staff who maybe out for maternity leave or during the summer months when staff takes their vacations. Agency staff is normally hired for term contracts of 12 weeks to 13 months so they can substantially save the hospital money during times of short staffing needs.
This writer feels that from a leadership prospective by motivating staff and hiring agency nurses to assist when the hospital is short of nurses, will increase staff morale as well as decrease staff burnout. Short staffing has been linked to poor patient outcomes and poor quality of care. A leader on the other hand will ask the staff questions and obtain feedback to assist in the decision-making which may be needed. A leader will be of benefit to buffer between staff and management when discussing the plan of action. A great leader is like having a cheerleader on your side when motivation is needed. Management will need to be on board to help with the research coordination and accomplishing the goal of employee satisfaction with adequate staff needed to perform the job (Larson, 2013).
When thinking of some of the cons for using temporary staff a manager may pull back on the reins due to the cost. Agency staff can make upwards of $10.00/hr than regular staff although they do not receive benefits through the hospital or healthcare facility which could be in the $20-$40,000 range per year. A nursing leader may also side with management due to the cost that maybe incurred. A leader may want to please management therefore siding with them and letting staff know the outcome.
The approach which best fits this writers style of leadership is the organizational woman approach. This writer feels that...

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