Effective Behavior Management Strategies For Teachers

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Behavior management can be a challenging obstacle for teachers. Having a good knowledge base of many behavior management strategies to be prepared for when problems arise is essential. The strategies used should always be research based. By using research-based strategies, teachers have evidence to back up their actions and practices. To put it simply, it is just the smart thing to do. It provides support for actions and implementations in the classroom as well as giving the teacher information to follow so he or she will have an idea what will happen in the classroom before the strategy is implemented. Not to mention many research-based strategies outline the implementation methods. Countless strategies have been researched but some of the most impressive fall under the positive behavior support category, which provide positive reinforcement for good behavior while avoiding positive punishment in most cases.

Effective Behavior Management
Strategies for Teachers

Student behavior problems are a major concern for the public, administrators, and teachers. The lack of effective behavior management prevents a positive and productive learning environment from being achieved, (Little, 2004, pg. 323). Disruptive behavior is more than just a distraction; it negatively affects everyone in the classroom. Unruly conduct requires the teacher to waste class time trying to gain and maintain control of the room. As a result, less time is spent on academic instruction. Student achievement suffers when less time is spent on academic instruction and completing tasks (Martini-Scully, Bray, and Kehle, 2000). In most cases of disruptive behavior children do not have any psychological problems like attention deficit disorder. (Esturgo-Deu, and Sala-Roca, 2010). Nonetheless, inappropriate behaviors prevent learning and interpersonal relations (Esturgo-Deu, Sala-Roca, 2010).

Many different disruptive behaviors have been listed by Esturgo-Deu, and Sala-Roca (2010), including interrupting in class, speaking with classmates during class, small offenses, late arrivals, failure to do homework, defiance, disobedience, physical and verbal aggressiveness, threats, shouting, inappropriate gestures, spoiling objects, moving place without permission, speaking aloud, speaking out of turn, not respecting the rules, unprovoked tantrums, impulsiveness, not accepting mistakes, and being vindictive (p. 830). Esturgo-Deu, and Sala-Roca (2010) classify disruptive behavior into four categories: not respecting the procedure established in class, altering the development of activities, defying the authority of the teacher and physical or verbal aggression. Reasons students engage in disruptive behavior could be a combination of psychological and social conditions, family relationships and a coercive parental model, genetics, brain disorders, and testosterone levels (Esturgo-Deu, and Sala-Roca, 2010).

Effective research based strategies are essential for...

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