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Effective Business CommunicationCommunications Report |Effective Business Communications ||Effective Business CommunicationsPrepared forPrepared byNovember 13, 2012Letter of AuthorizationAlvin C. MilesDirector of Business DevelopmentLecturer of ManagementEMBA Coles College of BusinessKennesaw State UniversityOctober 29, 2012Team Green FusionEMBA Coles College of BusinessKennesaw State UniversityDear Team Green Fusion:The documents (3 in total) directly beneath this assignment should be used to complete your formal communications report. This assignment is broken in to two parts: your team's evaluation of your assigned team's individual presentations and the formal communications report.This is to be a team assignment.This assignment is to be completed by November 18thBusiness report and presentation slides are available for review in the Business Communication Learning Module. Please look at the notes associated with each slide for additional information:A Microsoft Word template has also been supplied as a starting point for the formal report.If there are questions, the team is expected to delineate guidelines through research, inquiry, and rational decision making. I anticipate that teams will search for formal report guidelines to get specificity on structure, or look up white papers to read sample abstracts. In a Master's program, this is the expectation. Each report will vary according to the interpretation of the requirements by the team members. Some will focus the recommendation and action steps section on the process and overall team product - some will apply this at the individual level. Both are correct approaches, but made better through an explanation of the process in the Letter of Acceptance. Letters of Acceptance and Transmittal are formal business letters.You are encouraged to use the discussion board to ask questions, seek clarification or offer observations about this assignment. Additionally, you are encouraged to comment on others' discussion entries if you feel that you have something to add. This discussion thread will be monitored so please place all questions for the unit here versus sending an e-mail to the faculty responsible for the unit as this is a great way to disseminate information to all associates.If you want to ask questions about this assignment, use the "Business Communication II" link in the Discussion area of Moodle.The assignment is as follows:Team Assignment -Speech Evaluation (30 Points - 3%)* Presentation review (Team review setup below)* Each student views the matched teams' videos and performs an assessment of each speaker on the matched team.* Discuss with your team the results of your assessment - each team member will provide an assessment of each speaker by the evaluation criteria (delivered as appendix to report).* Complete a focused review and gather consensus feedback.* Provide a speaker analysis report as part of your team activity. Use the BET/BEAR feedback model to offer positive and...

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Effective Communication Essay

1479 words - 6 pages My name is Ashley, I am world renown best selling author and life coach. ?Life coaching is a practice of assisting clients to determine and achieve personal goals. A coach will use a variety of methods, tailored to the client, to move through the process of setting and reaching goals (life coaching, 2007)?. I specialize with expertise and passion in interpersonal and business communication. The last five years of my personal life have been

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1441 words - 6 pages Effective Communication Practices Communication is defined as “the transfer and understanding of meaning” (Robbins & Judge, 2013) and is the foundation of every relationship. There are four main reasons for communication in business. They are to control, motivation, emotional expression and information (Robbins & Judge, 2013). Without effective communication the sharing of ideas, information, feelings and questions cannot be completed. There is

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1895 words - 8 pages Effective communication in its various forms is the substratum of crisis management. Internal and external communication is essential during times of crisis if a successful outcome is to prevail. In a crisis, people’s lives are often at risk, these are lives that can be lost or protected; however, their fate lies in the hands of information. A breakdown in communication during times of crisis will interfere in dispensing pertinent and time

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1262 words - 5 pages Commonly when persons or groups think of the connection with communication they usually just imagine how personnel broadcast between each other, but it is so much more than that. There is a sender and a recipient when we are endeavoring to communicate between us as individuals or groups. Communication is most renowned for information from a sender to a recipient. We should have effective communication when we are at an enterprise and

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1507 words - 6 pages Introduction Oftentimes, misguided individuals believe that knowledge and the willingness to share this knowledge with others is the key to successful leadership. However, what is often overlooked is the value of possessing effective communication skills to build relationships among one’s peers and leaders. For without the possession of effective communication skills one may find it difficult to not only succeed but also advance in the work

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1515 words - 6 pages once serving on a team, it will be one of the most valuable tools that are used in teamwork.ReferencesAdkins, B. (2005). Effective team work starts with good communication. Fort Worth Business Press, 18 (41), p. 30. Retrieved April 12, 2008, from EBSCOHost database.Jeffrey, A., Blitman, B., Maes, J., Shearer, R. (2003). Using collaborative modeling to mediate workplace conflicts. Equal Opportunities International, 22(5), 25-30. Retrieved April 4

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3767 words - 15 pages University of Virginia. I am writing to apply for an internship with Booz|Allen|Hamilton during the summer of 2012 and appreciate you encouraging me to do so. I believe my business and internship experience along with my strong academic performance has prepared me for such an opportunity and will allow me the chance to contribute as an intern in a highly effective and professional manner. I am currently pursuing a double major in Systems Engineering

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1666 words - 7 pages person receives is insulting or constructive. Instantly becoming defensive creates a barrier to effective communication. When reacting defensively clear communication may be impaired, instead of listening to what is being said by the other person, the defensive person is preparing to justify their thinking or actions. It is crucial in the business environment to communicate clearly. When receiving feedback the individual needs to remain calm

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1422 words - 6 pages Effective Communication Case Study AnalysisAll organizations at some point most communicate to its external publics, but effective communication often is truly the best way to have an effective impact on the public. Communication is a process and method that allows us to exchange information, share ideas, and receive feedback and a process of interaction between a company and public. Most companies must interact with the public to increase

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1741 words - 7 pages mark of a great leader is how the he or she can elevate the surrounding team. This is true with effective communication within business meetings. Former Chief Executive Officer of General Electric, Jack Welch (n.d.), once said, " We bring together the ideas, turning the meetings of our top managers into intellectual orgies.""Communication" has grown to be a fashionable yet hackneyed word in the business world over the past several years. It is

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1504 words - 6 pages you deal with difficult customers when the situation arises?” The components of this skill collectively form a useful and beneficial tool for the purpose of business communication. Effective questioning strategies are advantageous for interpersonal relations, including the professional interactions of HR mangers. This skill clarifies and reiterates understandings of social conversations to avoid misinterpretations and can also influence

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1219 words - 5 pages , tone and volume, speech of speech etc. (Gill and Adams, 1998:p125).3.0 WAYS WHICH UNDERSTANDING NON VERBAL COMMUNICATION MAKES BUSINESS COMMUNICATION EFFECTIVE3.1 EYE CONTACT (Oculesics): This involves the use of eyes and it shows the feeling of interest involvement and attention. It also enables the audience to trust in you and the understanding of efficient use of eye contact makes business communication effective.3.2 DISTANCE (Proxemics): This

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1380 words - 6 pages Effective Communication PAGE 1 Effective communication through leadership is an essential tool in creating vision in the workplace and involves organization, collaboration, breaking down barriers, and the ability to read non-verbal cues. Without effective communication, inadvertent misunderstandings can occur, leaving the workplace vulnerable to collapse. The leadership role in any organization is the key to effective communication throughout

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2488 words - 10 pages (Wayne, 1994, p. 4). Effective communication in any organization keeps the potential partner coming back as well as keeps employees happy. When we associate with people in business, or they associate with us, all parties desire to gain some objective. Knowing how to communicate to encourage productive action is important. It is easy to have misunderstandings in the workplace with so many styles of communication, and therefore we need to ensure

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1741 words - 7 pages creates the most effective leaders in today’s business. Today’s leaders can only succeed if they serve as a coach and train their subordinates as well as their fellow employee’s. They must first be able to lead by example and demonstrate that effective communication is a vital key in a happy and successful workplace. They must be able to convince others to set their feelings aside and deal with issues at hand and as the workforce becomes more