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Both teacher and student success can often be traced back to the ability of the teacher to effectively manage the classroom. Research shows that effective classroom management and organization during the first few weeks of class are crucial in determining expectations, behavior patterns, and procedures that will set the tone for the rest of the year. Effective classroom management is essential in maintaining an organized, and civil classroom. You want students’ to develop an understanding of mutual respect by making expectations clear, and providing written ideas of how the classroom should be managed. The keys to effective classroom management are; organization of procedures and resources, a well arranged classroom environment, monitoring student progress, anticipating and handling classroom problems, and designing an effective learning center. By providing these management skills in the classroom you will clearly and effectively manage any classroom, and go above and beyond expectations.
Organizing procedures and resources is the first management skill to focus on when developing an effective classroom management plan. From day one it is important to go through daily procedures with students by offering an example of daily activities. Create an example of a daily schedule for the students’ to read over and ask any questions that they may have. Let the students know what, if anything, on the schedule is subject to change. For example if your classroom participates in elective courses, make sure your students’ understand that everyday they will not have Art from 1:30-2:15. The key is to have your students prepared. Prior to the first day of class your classroom should be properly organized with teaching aids and resources organized and put away in areas that can create the most effective use of these resources. For example if you have worksheets that correlate with certain math lesions, you want to make sure that these worksheets are labeled and ready to be copied and handed out to your students’, so that they can take advantage of these helpful worksheets. Also, it is important to have resources scheduled and available when needed. For example if your classroom is doing research on a certain animal that each student must research and present to the classroom, a helpful resource during this research would be, the Internet. With this being said it is important to schedule research time in the computer lab so that students can use resources on the Internet to expand there research limitations, while also allowing students’ to ask questions and become more computer savvy.
A well arranged classroom environment is the next key in effective classroom management. Successful teachers understand that classrooms must be both stimulating and inviting. Room arrangements must be both attractive and functional. It is important to catch the students’ eye but to also allowing students to use the classroom to learn. Some things that you...

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