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Effective Communication: Critical To The Success Of The Manager And The Organization

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Communication can be referred to as, the sending information through a channel to the receiver and the receiver understanding the meaning of the information. Effective communication is very important to any organization and without it the organization will not function effectively. Communication has four functions, they are control, motivation information and emotional expression. Communication can be broken down into two groups, interpersonal and non verbal. Within an organization formal and informal communication is used. Communication plays an important role in goal setting.
Communication can be used to control the behavior of employees. This is done with the use of hierarchies and formal guidelines, all employees are required to follow. If any employee has a grievance in order for the grievance to reach management to be dealt with, the employee must follow the organization’s hierarchy. This hierarchy may follow a pattern like this, employees notifies supervisor, supervisor will then notify head of department and head of department will notify the human resource manager. Job performance appraisals are a form of communication, these appraisals can lead to the motivation of employees. Once an employee knows exactly what their role in the organization is and how their job performance is. These employees will become self-motivated, even if they receive a poor job performance appraisal because the manager will talk to the employee and provide information to improve job performance. Emotional expression of feelings can be facilitated through communication. Most employees work in groups and this group provides a primary source of social interactions. Within this group they are able to express their frustrations and satisfaction. The right decision can only be made once all the relevant information is provided. Communication provides the information needed to make these decisions for the group or individual. Each function of communication is important. For effective communication a manager must use all four functions effectively.
Interpersonal communication process involves the following; message- what the sender will like the receiver to receive. Encoding- converting the message into a symbolic for the receiver can understand. Channel- the method the message travels from sender to receiver, the sender would select the appropriate channel depending on if the message is formal or informal. Decoding –converting the encoded message to its original form. Feedback- the receiver of the message responds to the information, whether by responding back to the sender or by actions. The communication process can be distorted. Noise interferes with the effectiveness of the message. If the message is not encoded correctly the receiver will not be able to decode the message. The appropriate channel must be used for the intended purpose of the message. The message has been received but the received cannot understand it the receiver cannot give any feedback....

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