Effective Communication, Empathy, And Mutual Trust Make Up A Good Leader Essay

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Effective communication, empathy, and mutual trust play vital roles in leading a team in an organization. Having worked in several large corporations, I’ve learned the trick to being a great leader is to elicit cooperation from everyone on the team. This is accomplished by concentrating on each person’s skills and needs to become an effective team. Most people can lead, but all too often either they do not have means to lead or they do not possess desire. It takes a special person who has an internal drive or ‘a mission if you will’ to be an effective leader.
Effective communication begins with the principles of listening. Listening is probably the most important tool in communication because it allows for the leader to understand the desires, needs, and special skills each employee brings to the team. Without key listening skills, the balance of the team can be compromised and cause a rift. Effective communication is also established by promoting trust within the team. Trust is often established by a means of team building in an offsite setting where everyone can be at ease. I know from past experience, I was more effective in communicating with a person if I had a conversation with them beyond the walls of the company. Many fortune 500 companies offer team building seminars yearly to allow employees to build a rapport with each team member. Some companies are also multi-national, so the face to face time is vital as many international cultures prefer face to face conversations. This team building effort begins the building of trust and respect within the group which leads to more effective communications.
We send, receive, and process an enormous amount of messages every day. But for effective communication, it is not merely exchanging information, it is also about understanding the emotions behind the conversations. Effective communication can at home, work, and in social situations to improve relationships, by deepening your connections to others, to improve teamwork, decision-making, and problem solving. It enables you to create no conflict or communication difficulties even negative news or threatening trust. However, effective communication often comes with a set of four primary skills, which are: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. One...

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