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Effective Communication For The Educator Essay

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A successful educator must master the skill of effective communication, even when obstacles are present. Effective communication is more than speaking and writing, but also active listening. As a result of every person being different, there are various obstacles when interacting with children, particularly when communicating with those of special needs. Effective communication for an educator extends beyond the classroom, as there will also be interaction with parents and colleagues.
When most people hear the word communication they think of chatting with a friend or maybe writing a letter. However, there is so much more to communication than just speaking and writing. Clear and effective ...view middle of the document...

There may also be emotions that may make communication difficult, such as fear, anger, distrust, or excitement. An individual may be too preoccupied with their emotions to hear or react to others during communication. Emotions can also cause messages to get lost in communication, which could lead to misunderstandings or incomplete communication overall. An effective communicator, and/or educator, must be sensitive to the child’s emotional needs to truly get a message across. When dealing with an upset child, the educator may find it beneficial to first resolve the situation at hand before addressing a new idea.
At times, challenging behavior from a student may also make it difficult to communicate, for example, a disruptive student. A disruptive student causing a ruckus may distract other students, possibly hindering communication as a whole. A disruptive student may also cause other students to become excited, agitated, fearful, or uneasy. This could, in turn, lead to more problems in the classroom. It may be necessary to remove the disruptive student from the classroom to allow for a calmer setting where other children may better be able to focus; removing the child may also help to resolve that which may be causing that student to act out.
An educator must not only be able to communicate with students, but also with the parents and colleagues. Communication is significant between an educator and parents on the grounds that parents need to feel comfortable knowing their child(ren) are in safe hands. Parents also want to know the progression of their child in the classroom, therefore, careful note taking, achievement documentation, and observation are also major parts of communication. Teachers should be comfortable communicating with parents regularly, with phone calls and informal notes in...

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