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Effective communication regardless if it is a personal or business situation it is important because it allows us to have the necessary understanding of the person and the situation so a proper resolution can be reached. With the proper communication in place trust can be established, respect will be added, environment that support creative ideas, affection, problem solving and caring can grow. Unfortunately communication sounds simple but most of the time communication between individuals is misinterpreted which in turns causes serious conflict and frustration among everyone involved. By instilling effective communication in your everyday life will help you grow and connect with those around your personal and professionally ("Help It Guide ", n.d.).
Effective communication is about comprehending the emotions behind what is being discussed plus the day to day exchanging of ...view middle of the document...

Ways to improve nonverbal communication we can practice observing other people, beware of individual differences, view nonverbal communication signals as a group. As individuals we can also improve on our method of delivery of our nonverbal skills by doing things such as the signals we use should match with our words. Adjust our signals according to context and use body language to convey positive feelings. Dealing with stress during communication we can acknowledge when we become stressed, calm down, bring your senses to your rescue, find the humor in the situation, attempt compromise, and agree to disagree. Finally we have to beware of your emotions. It helps us understand what is bothering others, understand yourself, stay motivated, communicate clearly, and build strong relationships. ("Help It Guide ", n.d.).

Conflict is the energy that builds up when individuals or groups of people pursue incompatible goals in their drive to meet their needs and interest ("Merriam Webster Dictionary", 2014). We should attempt to reach a resolution when dealing with conflict before it becomes full blown. Once we identify what the conflict and who is involved the next step is to find a resolution this may require some brainstorming to come up with multiple answers from here we can list all the possibilities in order of preferences. With the list being in order we are able to decide on a solution and review it there will be times were all parties may have to compromise to meet each other’s needs.

Many people expressed concerns of ethical issues behind the ACA and the impact that it will have on healthcare now and in the future. Ethical issues in healthcare are common. Nearly every decision that’s made has ethical implications--for patients, for providers and for healthcare leaders. ("Amn Healthcare", 2013). As long everyone stays in compliance and follows the rules legal action can be avoided, yes things happen and no one is perfect but we must do our best to make sure that we look out for our organization and our patients at the same time.

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