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Effective Communication In Relationships Essay

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The world is full of psychos and you might be with one right now. That's a situation more people encounter. There are many factors in a healthy relationship. Being with someone can be a wonderful experience, but it can change into something worse. A friend I talked to said "me and my boyfriend talk a lot and tell each other how we feel." That's one way couples can avoid getting into arguments rather than screaming at each other. To make a relationship last there must be a foundation, and that foundation is a good friendship. Couples also need to be honest, which can give couples a bond and develops trust. The elements of a healthy relationship are: being able to communicate, being honest with each other and having a good strong friendship.

People know how to use their mouths and talk, but sometimes couples don't. This can lead to one of the partners to act out their anger in a physical way rather than just sitting down and resolve them in a respectable manner. Each partner should communicate with each other rather than lashing out and acting irrational. The lack of communication causes most problems in a relationship. According to the "Project Survive" presentation a healthy way to solve problems is to sit down and talk. While talking, each partner should respect each other's feelings and remember not to pressure each other. Divakaruni says in "Silver Pavements, Golden Roofs" "I have guilty feeling that aunt and uncle don't usually eat this way, and as we sit down I glance at uncle for confirmation. But he has already started on the food. He eats quickly and with concentration, without raising his head. When he wants more he points silently, and aunt hurries to serve him." Illustrates how her aunt and uncle problem is lack of communication. Without her aunt and uncle communicating they can't solve any problems. No one wants to get into a relationship where they abuse each other physically and mentally.

Relationships start off good in the beginning because each partner is learning about each other. Later on in the relationship they might discover that their partner is different from when they first met. People forget that friendship structures a good relationship, and can't last if there is nothing to base it on. A...

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