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Our schools are full of a variety of children who are diverse in their own ways. What comes to mind when you hear the word diversity within schools? Many people think of race or culture, but diversity in our schools is more than that. Diversity can include race, religion, culture, and even learning styles in a classroom. In the past classrooms where not that diverse consisting of white protestant students. Currently diversity in classrooms is on the rise big time. Today’s classrooms are more effective in diversity, learning styles, and influences than past years.
Learning styles is one of the ways schools have changed over the past couple of years in regards to diversity. The varieties of learning styles of students have become more aware to educators. There are three main learning styles; visual learning, kinesthetic learning, and auditory learning. Visual learners take up about half of student learners using textbooks, charts, course outlines, and graphs are useful instructional aides (Sadker, p. 47). Kinesthetic learning is also known as tactile learning. These students learn by hands on learning. Planning for student to have movement in class will help these learners. Our last learning style is the less of the three called auditory learning. These students learn best by hearing; they can remember the details of conversations and lectures and many have strong language skills (Sadker, p. 47). By providing a time for these students to recite the lesson themselves can support this form of learning. To be an effective teacher for all the learning style diversities means being able to be flexible and incorporate a variety of teaching techniques.
Is Gender a learning style? Absolutely gender is a learning style and teachers need to become conscious of how they play apart in the affect gender has in learning. Constant references to gender lead children to believe that teachers are intentionally signaling important differences between boys and girls (Sadker, p. 51). There are some people that believe there are behaviors that reflect socialization: girls are praised for cooperation and compliance, while boys are rewarded for activity and competition. The thought that many girls prefer to learn one way, and many boys another, suggest a useful generalization that can present information about gender that can help a teacher plan more successfully. Based on this information as an effective teacher it is important to include competition and cooperative activities.
So we have learned that learning styles including gender are a big part of diversity and how as a teacher to incorporate effective learning into the classroom. Now we switch gears and think about a multicultural classroom. Multicultural refers to race, ethnicity, and culture. Race is a group of persons sharing a common publicly determined category often connected to genetic characteristics, physical looks, and heritage. Today, about one in three Americans are of color (Sadker, p. 76)....

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