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Effective Communication Essay

2488 words - 10 pages


Title: How effective is your workplace communication?

Assignment topic

Prepare a discussion paper in essay style in which you critically analyze your own communication methods and style. In your answer, provide examples of how you communicate (oral and written) with team managers and managers, from your reading and your own experience, to illustrate the points you are making. When you refer to an example, provide enough details about the context so that the reader, who does not know about your workplace, can understand the points about the situation that you are trying to make, You will have to provide an explanation of what makes effective communication in the introduction to your paper.

Word Count (from the start of the Introduction section to the end of the Conclusion section): 1664 words.

Executive summary

One of the ways effective communication can happen is by examining the different communication skills. In this paper, I will discuss and analyze the way I communicate to my manager and employees in the workplace. The paper will show that unless everyone takes responsibility in the organization, effective communication will not be achieved. I will begin by defining communication and by examining the communication styles, using examples from my personal experiences with senior management as well as with junior staff. I will then conclude that the art of communication is a work in progress because of the ever changing world we live in.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction 3

2. Context of Workplace 3

3. Verbal Communication 4

4. Non Verbal Communication 5

5. Written Communication 5

6. Recommendations......…………………………………………………………………………..6

7. Conclusion……………………………………………………………………………………...6


1 Introduction

Communication is the way in which we exchange information. It is how we express our thoughts, feelings, and needs to one another and the people around us (Dwyer, 2008). From a business outlook, communication is the oil that greases the organizational machine and makes it run easily (Wayne, 1994, p. 4). Effective communication in any organization keeps the potential partner coming back as well as keeps employees happy. When we associate with people in business, or they associate with us, all parties desire to gain some objective. Knowing how to communicate to encourage productive action is important.

It is easy to have misunderstandings in the workplace with so many styles of communication, and therefore we need to ensure that we are communicating effectively. These styles include verbal (oral and written) and non verbal approaches as well as being able to listen. Effective communication ensures individuals know what is expected of them and it cements coordination in the organization (Mc Shane & Travaglione,...

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