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Effective Internal Communication Is Crucial For Successful Organization

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Communication is a basic way for people to interact with each other. It is how they make the other parties understand what they try to say, do something toward it and viceverca. Communication can be done directly by talking straight forward to the person, or indirectly which mean trough media from hand writing in a piece of paper, having conversations trough telephone or even face talking using internet connection, some applications and computer system. Nowadays effective communication is one of the most important key in the business field. However, this essay will discuss about how effective internal communication is crucial to build a successful organization.

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Effective communication will happen if all the member of the organisation successfully connect with and engage others every day, when the top of organisation management take all their employees to their personal journey of ideas. This situation may lead the employees to trust the management because they feel respected and the journey is valuable to them (Gray, Rodney and Larry Robertson. 2005. 27). In practices, good internal communication combines upward and downward communication because then employees will become fully aware of the future strategy and policy of the organization and being allowed to give a voice about it. In brief, internal communication is most productive in the sense of eliciting employee commitment and organisational identification if it is a two-way process of communication, rather than a one-way flow of feedback and instruction (Cornelissen, Joep. 2011. 168).

To measure the successes of the organisational it depend on it is result, no matter how brilliant the idea, product or strategy, top management cannot accomplish their organisation goal on their own. To succeed, they need to do it hand in hand with their employees once they give them clear awareness about their objective and gain their respect at the same time. In other word, the successful of a company depends on the quality of its daily conversation (Gray, Rodney and Larry Robertson. 2005. 28).

More important is how internal communication is applied. As the lifeblood of any organization, information needs to flow freely to be effective. Successful management requires downward communication to subordinates, upward communication to superiors, and horizontal communication to peers in other divisions
(Waltman, John L., and Marcia Simmering. 2006. 85).

To do downward communication requires some comprehensive strategy involve; who is the sender and the audience, what information about to be shared and change it to become a personal information to each person, when or how often this conversation will be hold, and how it will be deliver, in person or through media. The most challenging part is when the sender choose to use media to reach the audience, because he or she now the media preference of them, so they can make sure that the message is well received. For example, an organisation which hired three generation in the work place may need to communicate the same information in several...

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