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The Goldwater-Nichols act of 1986 redirected the nation’s focus on producing quality joint staff officers. Since the signing of that act, the Department of Defense has made significant improvements identifying the core qualities that make up an effective joint staff officer. In 2006 the Joint Staff Training Division (J7) conducted a survey to determine the basic characteristics common among the most effective joint staff officers. Over 1550 senior joint service leaders concluded that there are 15 core competencies that define an effective joint staff officer. From those 15 core competencies, three characteristics standout as essential elements of a staff officer on an executive level ...view middle of the document...

With these demands, an officer’s ability to understand, visualize, and describe complex problems is a critical indicator of future potential as a successful joint staff officer.
Additionally, the ability to build and lead effective teams in pursuit of solving a problem is also a critical characteristic of an effective joint staff officer. At the joint level, the collaborative approach to managing workload is often superior to the “do as I say” method. This ability requires a persuasive focused leader versus a commanding personality. Persuasion is not a value generally associated with any of the core service components; however, when working with a group outside of your assigned service it is important to understand that all branches do not universally understand the basis of one’s command authority. This point is especially true when working with civilians as most joint staff officers do. Most joint staff officers will have the challenge of completing projects with a wide range of team members possessing an even wider range of backgrounds and experiences. To add friction, joint staff officers must then lead that team in tasks that will stretch across many stove piped institutions that will be reluctant to assist unless the right person with the right attitude approaches them in the right manner. Building an effective team is paramount when addressing these challenges. An effective joint officer must also understand that there will be a time to...

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