Effective Law Enforcement And Less Crime

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From day to day, everyone experiences some form of racial profiling. When people go to apply for a job, they are required to state their race and ethnicity on the application; this is so that the employer can hire the correct amount of people by their race and ethnicity as required by the federal law known as Affirmative Action (Wikipedia). In addition, when people go apply for college, driver licenses, social security, food assistance/stamps, unemployment, and even health care, you are required to provide your race and ethnicity for approval. Some people may even be required to provide their citizenship.
These certain types of questions about our race and ethnicity that we must answer on applications are forms of racial profiling. We really do not hear or read about Native Americans, Hispanic Americans, African Americans, and other minority groups speaking of racial profiling when it is beneficial to them. Now when law enforcement is involved and when minorities have broken the law and/or have committed a crime, this is when the complaints from minority groups about racial profiling begin to arise.
When citizens call the police, about a suspicious person or persons in their neighborhood, they use racial profiling to describe the individual or individuals. They give a brief description of their race, color, approximate height, approximate age, clothing worn, and at night, they may make a guess since they cannot always see the individual or individuals clearly. Yet again, no one complains about his or her neighbors profiling. They more often complain about law enforcement officials. Racial profiling should be a legitimate part of law enforcement because it gives law enforcement the means to arrest suspects that are or about to commit a crime, helps prevent and deter crime from happening, and prevents illegal immigration and drug smuggling.
It is believed amongst minority groups that law enforcement, especially police, are essentially one part of a racist institution. Our laws that are set forth by the courts and correction systems regarding the liberties of all the convicted are seen as methods to systematically and pervasively discriminate against Native Americans, Hispanic Americans, African Americans, and other minority groups. This is seen as an epidemic within the law enforcement institution. The minorities feel that law enforcement officials are out to harass and discriminate against because of their color, race, clothing, and where they live (Polluck, pg. 214). Many minorities feel it this racial discrimination continues even after equal rights was established in the 1950’s.
What is racial profiling? Racial profiling is a controversial method that police and other law enforcement agencies use to catch one who has committed a crime or is about to commit one. Racial profiling can also been referred to as criminal profiling. Profiling began back in 1940 when New York was in a panic from an unsuspected bomber...

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