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From an organizational perspective there has become an increased interest in employee thinking, and feelings about their jobs. Also there exists an interest in what the employees are willing to dedicate to the organization. In the past, research has demonstrated that leadership, specifically charismatic leadership can affect the meaningfulness of employees’ work as measured by work engagement. When employees are engaged in their work they increase the occurrence of behaviors that promote efficient, and effective functioning of the organization (Babcock-Roberson & Strickland, 2010). The proper question to ask now is what is leadership?
Leadership is the process of social influence. One individual designated as leader can enlist the aid, and support of followers in the accomplishment of a common task (Chemers, 2002). Leadership has existed for many years. Monasticism in The Rule of St. Benedict (1963/1999) noted communities of monks were led by Abbott. This provides evidence that models for organizational leadership existed previously. In order for leadership to occur there needs to be a social organization for the leadership to exist. The organization needs consist of a system. In this system the individual leads, and other individuals follow. A leadership organization can be composed of any organization. For example, leadership can be a small Native American tribe with one designated leader. Or the community can be composed of millions of followers and one leader, such as in the United States of America society. It can also be a monarchical form of government with one Emperor, whom the followers are obedient to (Blazing World, 1666). Plato in the Republic (1888/1999) suggested that some individuals are meant to be leaders and others followers.
Michel de Montaigne in “Of the Cannibals” (1946/1999) offered a tribal organization centered on barbarism and cannibalism. The point is many followers and leaders envision the perfect society (utopia). In this utopia leadership is to transpire. The Land of Cockaigne (1952/1999) was a medieval contrary of a heaven on the earth. In Hesiod’s Works and Days (1938/1999) the vision was a perfect society as a past earth without any worries. Vergil in the Fourth Eclogue (1906/1999) envisioned a perfect society as a future in which everything in existence is free. Pindar in Fragments (1937/1999) earthly paradise was inhabited by the good. In Epode 16 (1960/1999) Horace perfect society was free of diseases. Joseph Hall in Mundus alter et idem (1981/1999) message conveyed the search of a perfect society in a fantasy land. William Shakespeare in the Tempest (n.d./1999) offered a utopian society that existed in which no individual would work. Everyone was equal and real with innocence and purity. The point is no matter the organization, there needs to be a system for the leadership to occur for the governance of followers. Now an understanding has been developed as to the basis of organization, the meaning of...

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