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Super Construction Company
Super Construction Company is depicted as having a myriad of challenges that it needs to cope up with. These challenges are inherent in the company due to a distant relationship that is created between the company’s administration units and the employees. To begin with, the employees are not given adequate motivation to aid them to carry out their activities. Due to the fact that personal needs and desires for each employee vary to a great extent, employers are expected to create incentives that stimulate employees to improve their performances and at the same time attain job satisfaction .
The problem of employee motivation in Super Construction was identified when Salem came across an article that depicted that some companies in the United States of America were offering various incentives to their employees. On learning the same, Salem had a strong desire to enact the same but the efforts were not successful since the criterion that was used did not yield results. This would have been prevented if the company had well organized and structured reward scheme. However, the problem can be eliminated if the company’s senior staff first undertakes a workshop on the same, and then a meeting is held between the junior and senior staff members to discuss motivation issues.
Communication channel in an organization aids in maintaining coexistence of employees in an organization and also enables easier dissemination of the information. On the same note, the ability of employees to perceive and develop a positive attitude from a piece of information is very crucial to enhancement of the production and concurrent longevity of a company. Further, the communication method that is adopted has a very high impact in terms of meeting employees’ satisfaction. For Super Construction Company, the Company’s organization structure lacked a clear outline of means of communication and dissemination of the information. This is evidenced by numerous questions that employees had over the reduction in sick leave days and introduction of personal days that was sent via the email. This was attributed to different perceptions of the employees on the new information.
Some employees like Rashid totally did not comprehend what personal days were meant to reflect in their life, others like Khadija argued that there was no need of personal days because they had no children to look after, thus they needed not to go home. However, some employees like Alma could comprehend what personal days meant. This different perception of the employees on the recent information had a negative impact on their working morale and as a consequent, their performance declined to a great extent. This impact on the employee would have been prevented if the company had a well structured communication channel that would aid easier and common understanding for the employees. However, the problem may be eliminated through holding a common meeting to explain to the...

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