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Having an effective leadership approach in an organization supports a productive and successful business. In this case, an organization called Valena Scientific Corporation (VSC) failed to have effective leadership. VSC attempted to development leadership; but failed initially. This occurred once VSC decided to create a research program for their scientists; this program split nine individuals into three groups. Once the groups were split, management decided to allow informal leadership to occur. This style of leadership enables individuals to become leaders without having a position of power (Bacal, 2014). Therefore, every individual in each group has the same authority; but ...view middle of the document...

The conveyance of productive assertiveness reflects favorably upon the team dynamics. More importantly, each individual should feel comfortable expressing concerns, and listening to other concerns given the project scope.
Lack of Vision
An additional problem that VSC had was their lack of vision and cohesiveness in teams. When an organization creates a vision, they are forming goals for the future. VSC did not have goals for the future. If they did, the employees would have acknowledged them and completed their required tasks without intervention. A realistic vision with shared commitment that energizes the individuals of VSC must be the first approach in establishing a clear purpose. This vision must include nothing less than a standard of excellence that lays out the destination, strategic actions, and correlate with the objectiveness of the mission that each scientist is responsible for.
Lack of Cohesiveness
It was apparent that VSC initially allowed group members to ridicule each other and non-functional conflict to occur. The conflict between groups and their members created a lack of cohesiveness. The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences reports cohesiveness in teams makes group work a positive experience and enhances performance (Soldan, 2010). In order to capitalize on their talents, the team must identify the effective use of its team’s resources, and develop an environment that fosters shared-success. In any event, the use of team cohesiveness in an organization gives team members and leaders the opportunity to interact amongst each other, which result in a more productive organization. Creating team cohesiveness is the first step to utilizing effective team work. Ideally, the team effectiveness translates into the sustainability; (Daft 2012) points out such effectiveness can be achieved through the process of innovation, adaptation, quality of work and employee satisfaction that ultimately promotes harmony and a shared appreciation for contributions and achievements.
Reducing Conflict
Interdependence is an aspect to consider when dissolving and resolving issues in the Valena Scientific Corporation. Interdependence is the degree of which personnel depend on one another to complete an existing task (Draft, 2011). Using sequential interdependence can be beneficial to employees and the organization as a whole. Due to the fact Valena Scientific Corporation has a variety of departments with team members of different skill set, the work environment can be overwhelming and challenging keeping each department operating cohesively. The use of sequential interdependence allows team members and leaders to communicate effectively with peers and supervisors. It gives teams a chance to brainstorm their ideas with other members and have an understanding of the work structure of each department. For example, gene, recombination, and other group leaders can interact amongst each other and show the work...

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