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Effective Leadership Style Essay

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Leadership is a function of management that ensures that desired results are achieved within an organization. It is the leadership that coordinates, guides, and directs efforts and activities in an organization or in this case a group toward achieving the set performance goals and objectives.
In the case of Karina, the leader was expected to offer a direction and coordination among the group on how they were going to complete their project. The leader really wanted the group project to succeed and he got worried about time deadline. He imagined that involving the group members at every stage would take a lot of time in planning the project even before they get to implementation. He as a result took the responsibility of ensuring that the project is done by resorting to do much of the work all by him. To him he saw this as being a good leader to the group who does anything to have the group’s goal of having the project done and met. Sadly by opting to do the projects work alone, the group members were unhappy; they felt like they were not giving their worth to the group project. They got low morale and were no longer enthusiastic about the project. They had a feeling that they could no longer trust their leader and in fact shared their sentiments with members of other groups who as well got the negative feeling towards the leader. This is because in groups there is the concept of group thinking; where all members thinks and make conclusions as a group (Griffith School of Engineering, 2011).
Good leaders apply different leadership style in different situations (Griffith School of Engineering, 2011). . The kind of leadership which this leader in Karina case demonstrated is not totally wrong but in this case it was not appropriate. It could have been used appropriately in places where followers lack skills and knowledge on the subject matter and the time limit does not allow for lengthy discussions. However, in this case, the members needed to be involved in every step of the project so that they would appreciate the project and feel as part and parcel of the group project. This could have prevented from the feeling of resentment toward the leadership and seeing like the leader was intentionally locking them out as though they were incompetent or lacked in the skills needed to do the project. If this had not been resolved they could have been more unwilling to support their leader or to follow his leadership and the project could have eventually failed in the implementation phase. One inappropriate decision by a leader could lead to negative feelings among the followers and destruction of goodwill.
In this group assignment functional leadership could have been more appropriate. Under functional leadership, the emphasis is on how the leadership is more over who is the formal leader. There is...

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