Effective Study Strategies For Students Following Failures

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In this paper, I will be primarily focusing on the topic effective study strategies to help a student succeed even in disappointment. All fingers are not the same this line is similar to a situation of a student in class. Not all student have the same understanding, background, knowledge, problems etc. and the list goes on and on. Before I make my point clear let me touch base with a real life story that I have experienced while learning.
In one of my past semesters, I had taken up few courses but one of the course let me down. Every student, not all but many dream to pass with good grades including myself. Everyone has their own problems in life; this problem sometime leads us to failure but did we fail on purpose? Of course not our problems lead us to failure. Similar situation occurred to me when I had to submit an assignment and I missed the deadline because I just had too much load on me that week which caused me not to remember my due date leading me to not submit my assignment on time; guess what happens? I get a straight zero marks for the late assignment. When I tried to request my instructor to give me a second chance, I get a reply saying not possible. I do not blame the professor for saying me a No but that negative remark had a great impact on my studying. The result was that I lost confidence, I lost hope to pass with a good grade. Even though we all say you have a second chance that never really is the best solution because ultimately you lost some valuable marks. I kid you not a straight zero is the worst that could happen to me and many to lose confidence. On the flip side if the professor would have said a Yes that would not only encourage me to do my assignments on time but make me more vigilant about my work in future. When I make this point, I don’t mean that a student should be given chance after chance but there should always be some consideration and a plan B ready for the student following failure.
"I was in high school, trying to get out of high school. The only thing...

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