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Effective Lecturing Skills Essay

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Copeland, et al. in 2000 illustrates the effective points of a successful lecture in his article Successful Lecturing. According to Copeland, The three main features of an effective lecture include Interaction by the lecturer, the lecture must include clarity and be clear and organized as well as ID important points and relevant material, and last but not least the lecture should include a case based format. The lecturer must be engaging. He must identify key points. He must be relevant to the audience and he must be clear. The lecturer should be humorous and to improve clarity he must use understandable slides. The lecture format must include a case based approach including Board simulation. To further use the case based format the lecturer should use ARS before the test, during the test and after the test (Copeland, Longworth, Hewson & Stoller, 2000). The main idea of his paper is basically that the effective points of a lecture include an engaging and interactive lecturer, clarity to the lecture and finally that the lecture must include or be formatted around a case based model. Medical lectures that include these aspects have been seen by the learner to be the easiest to follow and the easiest to learn from. Medicine requires background knowledge which when applied to a new topic allows the thinker to make a good medical decision with a favorable outcome for the patient. The lecture should emulate this thought process.
4 design elements for formatting a lecture include first a Learning Goal with Objectives to serve a model for the learning of the students. Next the lecture should begin with an Introduction which includes a Case scenario to capture learner attention. Activate prior knowledge of the case so the learner may better participate in the lecture. An Overview Slide including and advanced graphic organizer. Next, after the introduction of the lecture the Body of the lecture must be organized to present many points in an orderly, hierarchal fashion yet you as the lecturer should not provide every detail. The body must be clear and be supported by visuals and examples. The body of the lecture should be interactive. The Closure of the lecture should include a summary slide of the covered topics and it should apply content to address case in lecture. (Terrell 2014) Continuity from the introduction of the lecture through the body of the lecture and a solid lead into the conclusion of the lecture is the basis for a concise easy to follow lecture that allows the learner to be engaged in what they are learning and thus get the most out of it.
The features that were most important to course participants in evaluating the quality of a lecture were consistent and best illustrated by Revell and Wainright in their paper, “What Makes Lectures ‘Unmissable’?”. Their findings included, “Respondents consistently highlighted three aspects that defined teaching excellence in lectures: a high degree of student participation and interaction; a clear...

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