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Effective Management: Are You In Control?

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In a corporate world ruled by a global economy, the importance of planning and control cannot be underscored. The complexities emerging in business today are forcing companies to reconstruct their systems of management and implement control systems that establish a healthy balance between maintaining control and creating a positive work environment. An effective control system is based on solid objectives, embraced by well-informed employees, allows flexibility in its approach and encourages empowerment and self-monitoring. An ineffective system of control can ultimately lead to a company's downfall by breeding unethical behavior, communication failure and focus on individual goals. In order to remain competitive and increase its chance for success, a company's foundation must include an effective system of control and establish a healthy work environment.A manager's many responsibilities can sometimes become overwhelming causing the manager to micro-manage subordinates. Unrealistic production schedules, poor communication and inappropriate corporate goals can all cause undue stress resulting in a manager's inability to effectively delegate projects and monitor progress. Micromanaging is not only time consuming but can often be construed by employees as a lack of trust in their abilities.A manager taking control of a job that has been delegated to a subordinate can be demeaning for that individual. An employee's growth within the company is stimulated by the self-satisfaction of a job-well-done. When a manager steps in and takes over a project that has been delegated to an employee, the employee may question his or her own competence. The lack of trust created by this type of micromanaging can lead eventually lead to the employee's resignation and result in delayed production as a new employee must be hired and trained. Delegating projects and monitoring an employees progress is a much more effective method of control than micromanaging.In a team setting too much control by the manager over the team can cause the chaos and other uncertainty. Certain individuals in teams are assigned specific tasks and it's the manager's job to oversee all team members and monitor their progress in completing their assignments, thereby making each responsible for his or her own performance. A good manager will create an environment that encourages team members to be proactive while still maintaining an effective level of control. "The manager will point the way and clear the path so the employees can succeed; giving the individual credit he or she deserves." (Bateman & Snell, 2006). This will not only help the employee to feel good about what he or she has accomplished but will also show the manager is doing what is necessary for both the employee and the company to succeed.It is crucial for managers to learn the difference between maintaining control and taking over. Micromanaging insinuates a lack of trust in an employee's abilities and results in less...

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