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In life and in the business world, groups our individuals are faced with having to make a difficult decision from time to time. When faced with a difficult situation there are many different decision-making tools or techniques that one can employ, brainstorming is one of them. Brainstorming is a powerful technique that breaks through narrow thinking by tapping into ones creativity, calling on every viable, however random, solution imaginable. This helps generate radical ideas and can lead to remarkable results. In order to find the best solution it is important to consider many possible solutions.Brainstorming involves quickly recording a broad list of ideas, which can then be expanded and evaluated. During a brainstorming session ideas should be generated as quickly as possible in order to develop the most creative and varied list of alternatives. As most problems are not easily solved by the first idea that comes to mind, brainstorming is an excellent way of developing many creative solutions to a single problem. Brainstorming works well individually or within a group but is increasingly more effective when a greater amount of people are involved. This line of reasoning follows the idea that two heads are better than one.In order for brainstorming to most effective, one must follow a set of ground rules: Define the problem or idea to be explored and make sure everyone is clear on the problem. As with any decision making tool, weather it be used by an individual or a group, the problem must always be properly identified and formulated in order to come up with the best possibly solution or decision to the problem.The next two: Allow for everyone to contribute and be heard and ensure that no one will insult demean or evaluate another participant or his/her response. The key to brainstorming amongst a group is that, everybody must give an idea or a solution to the problem at hand. The more ideas that are given the better, because now there are multiple angles and different possible ideas as to what can be done to solve the problem.The last three state that no answer is wrong, record each answer, unless it is a repeat, and set a time limit and stop when time is up. As an individual or in a group, when giving ideas towards the problem, there is no wrong answer. One should always record the ideas so that the idea or ideas is not forgotten. Last but not least, you want to set a time limit. You don't want to be sitting there all day coming up with ideas or solutions to the problem, and if faced with having to make a quick decision, one must set a time limit so that the problem or a decision can be made quickly.By following these guidelines, one can...

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3543 words - 14 pages of Project Management, PMI Publication Division.Mike Field and Laurie Keller, 1998, Project Management, International Thomson Business Press, Boston, London.Robert K. Wysocki, Robert Beck, Jr., David B. Crane, 2000, Effective Project Management, 2nd ed., Wiley, New York.Lewis, James P., 1995, Fundamentals of Project Management, Amacom, New York.Burke, Rory, 1999, Project Management: Planning and Control Techniques, 3rd ed., Wiley, New York.Weiss, Joseph W., 1992, 5-Phases Project Management: A Practical Planning and Implementation Guide, Perseus Books.

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