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This paper is the three-day program for the new hire. I have been chosen to hire a new employee this program will include an orientation and training program. This program will include an introduction to the job, employees and procedures of the store. I have included a letter that I would give to the new hire on the firs day to welcome them to the store and their new job.Name and Address of New EmployeeDear [Name of New Employee]:I am pleased that you have decided to join [Name of Company] in the position of [Name of Position]. Please find enclosed a copy of the orientation schedule for your first [Day/Week] of employment.The orientation program is designed to help you learn more about [Name of Company], your position, the [Name of Department] department, and our current projects as quickly as possible.I look forward to working with you. I hope you will find working at [Name of Company] productive and enjoyable. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.Sincerely,SignatureName and TitleI have also included a checklist that would be used to make sure the new hire understand the aspects and procedures of this job. The checklist will also ensure that the new hire would understand the rules and regulations that the store expects. The employee would be introduced to the existing employees that would make a team. The most important instruction that the employee would be introduce to is the emergency procedures and what to do in case of an emergency of any kind.Day 1A celebration of the new hire would include a call from the CEO of the store this helps to ease the nerves feeling that a new hire might feel on the first day planning a time for this call to arrive so that the new hire will be there to accept the call from the CEO. This time will be used to go over the important paper work the new hire will need to go over including the company policies and procedures. At this, time a brief history of the store how it grew to the size. This history will include the reason there are policies. All of the paperwork that would have to be signed that explains the company policies would be given to the new hire to look over. As the employee is taken to a conference room this would be the place that the new hire would be able to have the time to read over the policies of the sore and know what is expected. At this time the job description would be gone over again to ensure that the new hire would know what the store would expect them to do and how they would want the new hire to act in the store around the customers.The introduction of a new hire to the existing employees can cover many different types of things not only for the new hire but also for the employees who have been on the job for a while. The introduction to the employees that could be assistance to the new hire would make the new hire feel more at ease and the introduction would let the existing employee know that they are going to be depended on to give the new hire information....

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