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A professional social worker, always ensure an anti-discriminatory practice in relation to clients services. As Thompson (2012:9) pointed out, “no matter how high its standards may be in other aspects” a first-class practitioner recognize the “marginalised position” of some people in a society. For instance, a social worker who offers quality services to any other people apart from the minorities failed to do a service to the client and is doing a disservice instead. However, the discrimination against a person is unlawful when that person is a member of the protected class. A protected class is protected by law. A supervisor asks a representative of the institution to go to the local ...view middle of the document...

Moreover, the purpose of the police forces is to offer equal treatment to everybody and to reduce the crimes (Rogers and Lewis, 2007). The basis of the Institution was shaped by Martin Luther King. In 1963 he had a speech where he tried to accentuate the idea of equality of all people despite their differences. It was the idea that has been guiding the police organisation over the time (Rogers and Lewis, 2013).

Using the role of a police officer, an effective practitioner is someone who has common sense and good judgment. An ideal police man is able to take the leadership in a crisis situation. There are several skills that need to be gained by a practitioner in order to always succeed: problem solving skills and decision making skills. A chief will always appreciate someone who is able to make decisions promptly and efficiently (Vincent, 1990). For example, Stephen Lawrence case showed a failure of the police organisation because of the incompetence of some of the practitioners. The fact that they avoided to act promptly at the first minutes after the attack led to a failure to arrest the suspects (Macpherson, 1999). There are rules and regulation that creates uniformity among the police officers and a practitioner should be aware of these. Thus, a professional should have discipline skills in order to be able to receive instructions. The Police (Conduct) Regulation 2008 takes care of proceedings against police officers in disciplinary matters. It investigates professional standards and behaviour in Police Force (Winsor, 2012). Moreover, there are physical tests which should demonstrate good fitness level. A criminal justice practitioner is often put in life threatening-situations. The physical abilities, the courage or the initiative and the ability to remain calm in stressful situation are mandatory in a police career.

The entry requirements in Police are the same as it was in 1829 when was the foundation of Metropolitan Police. All officers enter the service as a constable first. There is a selection process and a recruitment timeline. Some skills are examined with the Behaviour Styles Questioner, Situational Judgment Test and London Factor Assessment. If the practitioner is successful, he has to undertake numeracy, literacy and logical tests (see appendix). Police SEARCH® Day 1 Assessment Centre tests the professionalism skills of a person within the interview (see appendix). The next stage consists in the medical test who examines the physical condition. There is a long process which requires a valuable set of skills (NPIA, 2012).

The ability to be firm but to have a tactful approach creates good leaders. For example, when a message is delivered to victim’s family it should be correctly and succinctly. An effective practitioner is tactful and show intelligence because people react differently to bad news. Macpherson report charges the police officers with the failure of the family of victim liaison. Furthermore, Skills for Justice...

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