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Effective Selling Without Advertising Essay

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Often times in media, certain social classes may be represented a certain way in order to prove a point or make a statement. They usually rely on stereotypes or over exaggerations of the specific type. In a True Corporation television commercial, the way that the different social classes are represented, viewed, and treated help to tell a story as well as add meaning to the situation when these patterns are broken.
This commercial tells an inspiring and heartfelt story in just three minutes. It begins with a boy being chased out of what is presumed to be a store, by a woman. He is then scolded by the woman for attempting to steal, this is when a man comes and tries to find out more. It is revealed that the boy stole the supplies for his sick mother; the man pays for the products and gives the boy a bag of soup. The boy takes the soup and runs away, the video then progresses thirty years. The man is still in the little restaurant cooking, when his daughter notices a (presumably) homeless man, which she brings to the attention of her father. He gives the thankful man soup, but immediately stops and appears to be experiencing a medical emergency. Suddenly he collapses as his daughter runs to his aid. Next, he is seen on a hospital bed, in what appears to be critical condition. His daughter is tearful and is handed a bill for the medical expenses which amount to over $23,000. She sits at a table in the restaurant staring at her dad’s cooking equipment. After talking with the doctor, she wakes up to find that the medical expenses have been paid off, with a note saying “All expenses paid 30 years ago with 3 packs of painkillers and a bag of veggie soup”. It is at this moment that the daughter, as well as the audience realize that the doctor is the boy whom the father gave the supplies to. Thus concludes the commercial, leaving the audience heartfelt and touched.
What makes this an effective commercial, is that it really wasn’t a commercial, at least not for the product it is advertising. This commercial, believe it or not, is for a telephone company, True Corporation, which is a Thailand-based communications company. How is this advertising the company/its products though? Well, it all goes down to the theme of the video, which is that communication is important. It demonstrates this point at the beginning. The dad asks the boy about his mother, because he wants to understand the entire situation. Up until that point, the boy was viewed as a criminal, as a young crook stealing for no reason, or simply because he was rebellious and didn’t want to pay. However, after learning just a small amount of information on the situation, the audiences view of the boy completely changes, and it is now understood that the boy is simply trying to care for his sick mother. It is assumed that the boy is poor and doesn’t have any money, also that he may not have a father that would be able to get the medicine, or perhaps he does have a...

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