Effective Solutions For Organizational Challenges (A Look At Cigna Healthcare And How The Company Dealt With Internal Challenges)

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Throughout the course of an organization's business experience there are going to be numerous challenges that may sometimes become a serious threat to the future of the company. In order to continue to operate efficiently, the organization has to continually make difficult decisions, as well as necessary changes to their processes depending on new needs that arise. The organizing function of management becomes an extremely important aspect of problem solving whenever a company encounters significantly difficult situations. Cigna Healthcare, a provider of medical, dental, life and behavioral health insurance, is an organization that has witnesses its share of obstacles. Although the health care industry has gone through intense changes through the years, Cigna Healthcare has successfully optimized its organizational resources of technology and human resources, proving to be a company that has created effective solutions for the challenges it has faced as an organization.The use of efficient technology is a fundamental component of today's successful organizations. Cigna Healthcare did not successfully run their customer service call centers to their full potential because the technology that the company used had limited available information for the employees, and as a result, it was not able to properly meet the needs of the consumers. Management at Cigna had to begin to analyze the needs of their customers and assess the equipment and software that the company would need in order to empower their employees to properly perform their job duties while ensuring that customers receive excellent service. The pressing needs of the consumer encouraged the company to adopt technology in order to enhance efficiency in their services. The company has equipped their employees with computer applications that can perform every possible task needed to provide immediate satisfaction to every consumer that contacts the call center regarding questions about their health insurance. A new program was instituted allowing all equipment that an employee needs in order to perform his job, such as telephone headsets, multi-line telephones, computer monitors, accessories and programs, to be updated or replaced as needed. An employee simply has to put in a request and within two days all the necessary equipment is replaced. This new change has significantly affected the performance and productivity of the staff, and has in turn increased customer satisfaction tremendously. In order to stay competitive with other health insurance companies and further its growth through innovation of services that can produce successful results, Cigna instituted a number of different websites to specifically meet every need of every entity that the organization serves.The first implementation was the greatest technological advancement for the company's pursuit of delivering excellent service, which was their consumer website, www.mycigna.com. This site offers Cigna members quicker and...

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