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EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES OF E-MARKETING IN TERMS OF VISUAL COMMUNICATIONTABLE OF CONTENTSivLIST OF FIGURES vLIST OF ABBREVIATIONS viACKNOWLEDGEMENTS viiABSTRACT viiiÖZET 11. INTRODUCTION 32. MARKETING 42.1 Marketing Concept 52.2 Marketing Strategies for Competitive Advantage 62.3 Marketing Mix 92.3.1 Product 102.3.2 Price 102.3.3 Place 102.3.4 Promotion 122.4 Managing The Marketing Effort 122.5 The Marketing Environment 152.6 Market Entrance Systems 152.6.1 Exporting 172.6.7 Direct investment 193. E-MARKETING AND THE CUSTOMER BUYING PROCESS 283.1 Need and Want Recognition 323.2 Evaluation 383.3 New Approach for Buying Process 484. EFFECTING FORCES OF E-MARKETIMG 514.1 Internal Forces 524.1.1 Organizational innovation 534.1.2 Organizational bureaucratization 554.1.3 Centralization 554.1.4 Market orientation 574.1.5 Competitor orientation 584.1.6 Inter-functional coordination 614.2 External Forces 624.2.1 Market turbulence 634.2.2 Technological turbulence 644.2.3 Web-marketing strategy 654.2.4 Web-design 674.2.5 Web-price 695. EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES OF E-MARKETING AND MARKETING PLAN 705.1 Characteristics Of A Good Website 725.2 Measurement of Success of Design 745.3 Designing Marketing Plan 796. CONCLUSION 85REFERENCES 87CURRICULUM VITAE OF THE AUTHOR ABSTRACTIn last ten years e-marketing having an undeniable progress with increasing use of Internet. From day to day facilities and varieties of internet create interest of consumers. Through those reasons websites are developing their virtual designs for to strengthen their interactions with consumer.E-marketing is a service that B2B and B2C companies use. E-marketing can be used to increase business for a company. E-marketing has the potential to reach many more people in a short amount of time than traditional marketing. The world we live in today makes it necessary for companies to use this form of marketing to the best of their abilities. Differentiation, segmentation, and branding are a few of the techniques that companies can use to e-market.All of the four models of eBusiness have one thing in common; each describes a transaction occurring between two or more persons and can occur anytime, or anywhere. These transactions typically occur between at least one of the four models of eBusiness. These models include: business to business, business to consumer, peer to peer or consumer to consumer. Knowing which eBusiness model best fits the company's strategy and trends associated with the model will determine a company's success.The main aim of this thesis examination of e-marketing websites by focusing on interaction and adverts in term of consumer' perceptions. This study also examines the definition, developing of e- marketing and changes of e website' virtual designs with new trends of e- marketing. End of the study is examined developing of websites by focusing on interaction and adverts in term of e commerce. With proper survey we also examine the features of Turkish customers and their...

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