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Effective Teaching Essay

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Effective Teachers
According to your reading, what are the characteristics of effective teachers? What qualities do effective teachers possess?

In the book Introduction to Teaching: Becoming a Professional, Kauchak and Eggen (2014) defined effective teaching as, “instruction that maximizes learning by actively involving students in meaningful learning activities” (p. 511). To be an effective teacher one must care about and involve each and every individual student. An effective teacher not only succeeds at helping all students learn, but increases learning for all students as well. Effective teachers possess three main characteristics or qualities. First, an effective teacher will know how to motivate his/her students. Second, an effective teacher will carefully plan a lesson, implement that lesson plan, and test students’ knowledge on that lesson by using essential teaching skills. Third, an effective teacher will use a variety of strategies in hopes of fulfilling all students learning needs.
Motivation is an important aspect of a student’s education. Schunk, Pintrich, and Meece (2008) stated that motivation is, “the energizing force behind all forms of learning” (cited in Introduction to Teaching: Becoming a Professional, 2014, p. 341). Motivation is essential to succeeding in life itself. It is as necessary for students to possess as it is for employees. When speaking of motivated students though, they are better behaved than unmotivated students. They participate in class, do their homework, take the time to study for exams, etc. They actually enjoy learning and are determined to advance. Students may have an “intrinsic” or “extrinsic” motivation. In other words, motivation can stem from having a certain interest in a subject or it can be brought on by rewards and recognition. Some examples of what effective teachers do to motivate students are: calling on each and every student whether the student volunteers or not, learning students’ names and calling on them by their first names, teaching in a way that is challenging but not too difficult as to where students cannot succeed, giving recognition when applicable, grading honestly and reasonably, teaching lessons according to the grade level and students’ interests, relating lessons to students’ lives, using creative hooks to reel students in, and involving students as much as possible.
A lot of hard work and time go into planning, implementing, and assessing lessons. When creating a lesson plan an effective teacher will follow an outline somewhat like the following. What is a relevant topic? What are the learning objectives? What learning activities will be used? How can the students’ knowledge be assessed? When thinking about these questions one might turn to standards, a curriculum guide, the textbook, or the internet for ideas. Also, a chart called “Bloom’s Taxonomy” may be of some help in classifying what types of knowledge students will gain out of the lesson and the different...

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