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Effective teamBeing a part of a team is one of the effective ways to sustain in today's competitive world. Without support and coordination, we cannot grow ourselves and move ahead in life. Most of us are engaged in some form of team work in the form of discussion group, friendship zone, sports team, etc which improves our task accomplishment ability and interpersonal skills. No one knows everything, so it is better to be involved in a team ...view middle of the document...

A team develops an individual's interpersonal skill, collaboration skill, leading skill, and other social skills hence can lead to the personal growth and development. For e.g. when we work in a university's project work, we interact with all group members hence improving our communication skill, collaborate with them improving our social skill and we tend to lead or direct the group hence improving our leading skill. Involvement in team creates different innovative approach to solve a problem, analysis of an aspect from various mindsets and introduction of more amount of information which is essential for organizational effectiveness.We know a team is effective whenMembers become more effective working in together than alone.Team members clearly understand the leadership authority and decision process. And such leadership authority rotates over time.Individual difference of the team members are appreciated and utilized well.Members have high level of trust for each other.Members are interdependent and their collective and interactive efforts determine the effectiveness and efficiency of entire team.Team members understand the purpose of team and work for the accomplishment of the team's goal and mission. (intuit.quickbase)

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809 words - 4 pages A famous basketball player, Michel Jordan said “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships”. It means that working as a group can create bigger results than endeavoring alone. However, unfortunately it doesn’t mean that teamwork is always success. A lot of team projects fail because team members don’t know how to do teamwork well. In fact, most of effective teams have some common features in team working process. To sum

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1117 words - 4 pages . Managers or supervisors set good examples when they delegate tasks, but more importantly express to the employees how teamwork is productive. Employees work by example, more so now than by demands. Being an effective team member, there are several suggestions one must follow:  Know your role and the team’s goals. Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses and what you can contribute to the team.  Be a willing team player. At times you

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1070 words - 4 pages these teams to help the consumer with any problems that the product that was bought can be figured out or to assist with defects or any other issues that come about. Factors in building an effective technical support team may involve people with customer-based personalities, knowledge of product or service, and the company's values and ethics. These factors are important in order to appease all types of issues that a company faces on a day-to-day

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918 words - 4 pages of the team that helps the performance of the group.For a group to achieve high performance the members must commit themselves to quality and dedicate their combined efforts to producing the best outcome possible and achieving the group goals. As a team leader the primary goal that one must strive to achieve is encouraging the group to evolve into a motivated goal oriented successful team, and that can only be done by effective communication

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898 words - 4 pages Team Dynamics.Good leaders are made not born. If you have the desire and will power, you can become an effective leader. Good leaders develop through an ever-constant process of self study, education, training, and experience. This comes in very handy when dealing with teams due to the fact that the leadership hat is going to change according to each member's region of proficiency. The leader isn't necessarily going to issue instructions

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648 words - 3 pages It is not simply to answer diverse teams which are more creative and effective or invite more conflict. Compare to homogeneous teams which is "team that includes members with common technical expertise, demographics, ethnicity, experiences or values" (McShane & Travaglione, 2003, p269) and individuals, diverse teams have advantages and disadvantages depend on different situations. Based on current workplace, Griggs and Louw (1995, p24

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971 words - 4 pages Introduction"Team development is critical for an organizational success, but helping the team members work effectively is often a challenging task." (Profiles team analysis) Effective and successful team is very necessary for an organizational growth.What make a team successful? Team development is the most important thing for high performing team. To make an excellent developed team, first of all we have to understand what team actually is

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2011 words - 8 pages Introduction Nowadays, team is widely used in organizations, because team is effective. “A team is not just a group of people who work together or like each other or share opinions. A team is group of people with a common objective.” (Barnes, 2001) More and more organization tends to work in team (Milliken and Martins, 1996). Teamwork is used extensively, because, coaching team is able to effectively get an extraordinary goal (Mitsch, 2010

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1316 words - 5 pages Effective team building is as important to the job as the project is to the company. The ways to build an effective team is to match the skills to the people assigned. One bad move in picking the right team members could affect the project as a whole. The team will be motivated to work together in a capacity to share ideas, with effective communication. The team will be chosen on the skills that each individual can bring to the group as a whole

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879 words - 4 pages different points-of-view. Many organizations, schools, and agencies are turning to teamwork as a way to improve productivity and produce effective results. Studies show that the sharing of responsibility in this collective process optimizes the perspective and results in establishing relationships (Stewart, Fulmer, Barrick, and Hollenbeck, 2005). The role that each team member plays is essential in the success of the tasks or projects assigned. A

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1041 words - 4 pages .(1995 Team Technology) The negative aspect of friendship on a team would be the exclusion of other members from conversation. This creates sub groups and discouraging cooperation and the effective flow of communication within the team.(1995 Team Technology) The team needs to set rules of conduct for the team in order to form a productive team. Once the rules are in place the team must then agree to consequences of specific actions. Having rules

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