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To understand the best ways of managing myself as a potential team leader I have examined the relationship between time and stress management. I scrutinized the way I manage my own time by keeping a time log also surveying colleagues in a questionnaire, to explore the importance of time management and its relationship to the causes and symptoms of stress. My overall aim is to minimize my own stress and become a more effective leader.
Known How to Use Effective Personal Time Management to Achieve Team Goals
Effective time management is crucial to achieving team goals, relating to productivity, targets, profit and reputation resulting in lower stress levels. Good time management ...view middle of the document...

This highlights prioritizing to maximize efficiency.
To improve my own time management I needed to identify my strengths and weaknesses and address where I used my time poorly. This could include;
2.1 Poor punctuality.
2.2 Poorly defined goals.
2.3 Procrastination
2.4 Poor performance
2.5 Indecision
2.6 Saying yes to everything
2.7 Doing everything yourself
(Carthage Buckley2014)
I’ve looked at my time log to see where my time was spent. I found that my strengths were in prioritizing my workload. E.g. On day 4 (see appendix); I prioritized the critical task over routine maintenance with Romec’s Enterprise scorecard in mind. Prioritizing will impact on the team and organization in the ways highlighted in Fig1, and will also stop the buildup of pressure leading to stress within the team i.e. the FSM, seeing targets fail or dealing with customer complaints could put added pressure onto their engineers/planners. An FSM stated that they “felt an increase of tension when I have had to put pressure on the team”.
Another clear strength was that I structure my day well; I plan and set targets, when given my shift of work. Due to my experience I can make a mental map of where and when to complete tasks. This forward planning allows me to hit as many targets as possible, benefiting the team as a whole (see fig 1).
On reflection I have found that I wasted time chatting to colleagues and customers. Although sometimes important for working relationships, time chatting can build up to a large amount of the working week. Just 30mins a day chatting accumulates to 2.5hours a week, equating to 3 weeks’ per year ineffective time. This amount of time will have a knock on effect to all within the team. Causing raised amounts of pressure from directors down to front line staff. Prolonged excessive pressure may cause stress and working with excessive stress can have a detrimental effect on efficiency and quality of work. An engineer commented that they were “more likely to make mistakes” when stressed. I also found that I wasted time collecting parts; with better planning and better purchasing processes this could be avoided.
Another weakness was that I do not delegate tasks. On day 5, 1.5hours spent collecting engineer’s test equipment. This needs to be done, but could be dealt with by others. Delegation would free up time to deal with more pressing issues.
To make more efficient use of my time I can use the urgent/important or time management matrix (Covey 1989) to help me prioritize and determine which tasks are high priorities, important or distractions.

The urgent/important matrix is a process to use when tackling tasks by plotting them into the relevant quadrant on the table, by deciding how important the task is and how urgent it is.
A. Urgent and important (do it now).
B. Urgent but not important (delegate it).
C. Important but not urgent (decide when).
D. Neither urgent nor important (discard).
Quadrant A are critical, or deadline driven projects....

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