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Effective Time Mangement Essay

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Time management is a method of approaching life so that one can finish things on time without procrastinates. “A time management “system” is simply a way of coordinating days and activities so as to minimize stress while accomplishing more” (). A good time management system will reflect unique make-up as an individual so it is very crucial to find a structure that works efficiently. Time management is not only how to get more out of the time, but really how to become a organized person in life.
Effective time management system is a sense of the direction and this direction must be set-up in such a way that works for both a personal and a professional sense (APA). If time is managed well, it helps decreasing stress in one's life. Time management requires skills including reflecting on how to use time, planning effectively and being aware of competing priorities. Time is a very hard thing to manage, because we are not able to see or feel it until we realized that it’s has passed. Before we can manage our time, it is very important to understand what time is and its importance. Time management is the organization of how we are disposing off of our time daily to organize and execute around our priorities. Effective time management has to be the foundation of any successful and productive life.
Upon returning to college after 2 years, I was very afraid about the distance education along with my full time job and family responsibilities. For a mature student, it is very hard to manage time effectively due to their family responsibilities, and full-time job. Due to these factors, there is great impact on their learning experience and their family life. Adults with families will readily agree that their family alone places serious demands on their time (APA). When adding the responsibility of school, it becomes even more difficult to make time for family, work and personal time. After reading the time management module, I realized that time management is one of the major aspect of life. I learned about time management techniques which includes developing list of tasks to be performed in order of priority: for example tasks that require immediate attention, those that are important but can be delayed, and those that are routine and can be accomplished when time becomes available.
Time management is a lifesaver for college students. After reading the skills taught in time management module and presentation, I choose to plan my day by properly managing time which is benefitting me greatly. One of the major step to make time management effective is to develop a time strategy. I developed the time strategy based on a short list of time priorities. Secondly, I reasonably estimated the time required to perform each of the tasks at hand. Before organizing time, I was spending extra time on one task while leaving little time for...

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