Effective Use Of Technology By Terrorists

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The magnitude of terrorist activity in today's world is in large part due to the technological tools available to everyone. Even though you may not believe so, by doing these acts of terrorism, it can cause the market to change or even have a more clear effect on your life like the death of a loved one, or one of your loved ones being injured. With all of that being said, there is one important thing that helps them accomplish these goals. That one important thing is technology. Technology all around the world is used for good and helps us accomplish tasks we could not do without technology. But there is also the downside to technology. The downside is that it can also be used for bad and that is in which intent the terrorist use it for.

The technology we use today can be used for good and for bad. The way the terrorist use it is obviously not for good. As we advance in today’s world, so do they and they use our technology to coordinate and strike against us. For example “In Mumbai, India, attackers affiliated with Lashkar E-Taiba navigated their November 2008 terror spree using GPS-guided boats, BlackBerrys, and Google Earth imagery.” This proves that things like cellphone and mapping directions can help them deliver their attacks on us to cause deadly catastrophic events. Another strategy terrorist are using are virtual realities like “Second Life.”
Second Life is a video is an online world where you can be whoever you want to be and can do things you would do in real life. It is basically like a real world simulator. What the terrorist do with these online virtual realities is that they use them to plan their attacks and use it for the recruitment of fellow terrorist. They also use micro-blogging websites and services like twitter and such to be able to do surveillance and for operational missions. But then again many have the opinion that this is a weakness for the terrorist. When it comes to technology, it is a two-way street. Just as they can hack into us, we are able to hack right back into them. While they may use it to their advantages, we are able to view into everything they do as well. We are able to see what their plans are because they leave themselves just as vulnerable as we do. These little opening that we are able to find may lead to the prevention of attacks and it may lead to possible finding of where they are located at.

“The criminal underground is highly innovative and often acts as an early adopter of emerging technologies.” This has been proven time and time again. With things like weapons, we’ve seen terrorist adapt almost instantly. They are ready for just about everything and the new technology we a producing is no exception. With all the advances with robots, artificial intelligence, and biotechnology, the terrorists take all these advances to their own advantage. Technology has made our world increasingly open and has had mostly huge benefits for our society. But having this openness can lead to more than...

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